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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Holy Shit! Centre County is Nuttier Than Northampton!

Next time you think Northampton or Lehigh County is going to hell in a handbag, take a gander at Centre County. District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller, who is already prosecuting half of the County, is suing everyone else for defamation. Her wrath includes defense lawyers, a judge, county commissioners, a county administrator, a former employee in her own office and various lawyers. In a lengthy complaint, she alleges what is essentially a conspiracy to humiliate her and destroy her reputation because of her tough stance on crime, which has embarrassed one commissioner and has led to drug charges against an attorney.

Miller, the first woman to be elected District Attorney in Centre County. She is also suing the county for releasing records that show a disturbing number of phone calls and text messages between county judges and prosecutors in her office.

What precipitated this mess was a fake bail order that Miller used as a ruse to fool a person under investigation for threatening to kill a prosecutor in her office. Miller was accused of forging a judge's name, which resulted in a grand jury investigation that exonerated her.

A number of judges are now unable to hear criminal cases, and Miller has brought Attorney Bruce Castor in as a special assistant DA. He also represents her in the defamation suit.

In the news conference below, she accused commissioners of embarking in a witch hunt against her, and she is also seeking that they be held criminally responsible.

"I hope you print my innocence with the same ferocity with which you printed their lies."

One of the things defense attorneys did was release her private phone number, which resulted in death threats and promises of sexual violence against her.

"Vote those bums out," she said at one point.


Anonymous said...

you better fix that header

Bernie O'Hare said...

Good call. I don't want to be prosecuted, too.

Anonymous said...

Morganelli-Competent, level-headed. not hot.

This one's hot. Trade?

Anonymous said...

They should rename Centre County and call it Nazareth County.

Anonymous said...

I will be staying out of Centre County. Didn't District Attorney Grecier go M.I.A. up there in The North Woods

Bernie O'Hare said...

It's crazy out there, to be sure.

Anonymous said...

I just goggled this story and discovered none other than our scam of an Attorney General started this situation, Nothing makes news more interesting than a good 'Cat Fight'

Dreaming of Justice said...

@ 8:30 PM: That was Raymond Gricar, who disappeared April 2005 from Lewisburg.
At least, get the name correct.

Paula Revere said...

Hi Bernie - Thanks for your coverage on Happy Valley! We could use some more of it, we are getting beat up here in Centre County and just starting to hit back. https://www.facebook.com/corruptda/?fref=ts

Simon's page frequently posts another blogger (https://happyvalleycitizen.wordpress.com), and that blog is a hit!!!! We could use another blogger like you to comment on how nutty we truly are.

Thanks for the good read! I keep checking your blog, could you give another shout out to us folks living in the hell in a handbasket? It's literally gone to complete shit here, and we need well read political bloggers like you to get our story out!!

Warm regards, A BIG fan of yours!