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Friday, September 18, 2015

Fed Ed Should Resign, Sez Poll

If Internet polls were accurate, Ron Paul would be President today. They are too easily manipulated. With that caveat, a poll conducted on this blog indicates that it's time for Fed Ed to go.This unscientific poll includes 221 participants, and a whopping 94% of them answered Yes to a question asking whether Allentown Mayor Edwin Pawlowski should resign.

In an Express Times poll conducted in August, before the Haddad information, 73% of the participants called for a resignation. But in a Morning Call poll at the same time, 64.9% of those who voted thought Pawlowski should stay.

"Why did this poll lose 448 yes votes since yesterday or the day before?" asked one Morning Call reader. No answer.


Anonymous said...

Seriously?? Your poll of all your readers who regularly hate on Pawlowski and Allentown? Seriously??

Local said...

Yes. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

What does Jim Gregory's pole say?

Concerned Allentonian said...

The entire city council should resign as well as Pawlowski. They are all in his pocket, and knew fully well Pawlowski's governing style. Ed doesn't like opposition and i'm sure they were aware of how he treats his friends, and how he treats those he doesn't agree with. Please spare us the "hear no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil" nonsense. All of them are in it up to their neck with Ed.

The FBI doesn't investigate governmental corruptions such as this for no reason.

Anonymous said...

Goes to show you that there is more than political corruption going on in Allentown and if laws were broken by businesses, prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.

Anonymous said...

Is it correct, as long as an individual remains IN office, that politician can use taxpayer funds to pay for legal expenses?

There was mention of that here weeks ago, I think. Still not clear to me how this all works, but other than building a pension, why hang around when you have lost the public's trust?

Fred Windish

Anonymous said...

Gary W. Gorman writes:

I answered BOH's poll but didn't do so until late yesterday. I didn't answer sooner for a couple of reasons:

1) I don't live in Allentown and therefore, don't have much (if any) stake in his resignation or not.

2) I am concerned that he might be using taxpayer dollars for his defense

3) If a person resigns, it has the semblance of guilt, which he still can have a trial if he chooses, but his outlook, to me, appears bleak.

4) I think that decision should be made between him and his attorney and/or whether Allentown City Council wants to try to action independent action.

5) Polls like this are extremely selection biased, non-scientific and are wrought with sampling errors.

6) I voted just to see the "results so far".

Anonymous said...

City Solicitor, Susan Wild, stated that her office will not and legally can not defend any city employee involved in this probe at the July City Council meeting. Mayor Pawlowski can legally use campaign donations for his defense, but not city assets.

City Council will act when they legally can, which is when the FBI indicts or charges the Mayor or any other city employee. Until then, no matter how much innuendo there is, non of it is admissible.

Anonymous said...

I wish Nixon wouldn't have resigned, it's not like someone substantially better will take over, and I was looking forward to the trial.

The whole Watergate thing was to distract the people from the real crimes against the citizenry the FBI was committing, and are still committing with even better technology, that is CoIntelPro. And it worked, everyone knows about Watergate and only people who read books know about CoIntelPro, which is a far worse crime against the citizenry. There is a movie 1971 that gets into it.

Pawlowski being investigated by the FBI means little to me, I've always considered the FBI a criminal organization.

I care not at all for Pawlowski, and the FBI has a long way to go before I could ever trust anything they come up with...

I'm happy to give Pawlowski his day in court and I hope he spills his guts, let all this shit go into the public record. If he quits everything will get swept under the rug.
Soon enough the public will have a chance to elect a new criminal to run things.

Canary_In_Coalmine said...

1. Raise large sums of money via illegal pay-to-play
2. Use expensive attorney to defend FBI pay-to-play charges
3. Use large sums raised in #1 above to pay attorney

Rinse, repeat.

Anonymous said...


"illegal pay-to-play"? Can you explain or demonstration what legal pay-to-play looks like?

Pay to play is ubiquitous.

Anonymous said...

Ed Pawlowski is not a crook.

No Allentown public official has even been indicted, much less convicted of anything.

Local Allentown Democrat Party members know that this is all a big misunderstanding, which is why they don't join the lynch mob in speaking out.

Likewise, The Morning Call has correctly shown incredibly courageous restraint.

Anonymous said...

What about the little bar incident in Hellertown where Reilley threatened to kill Fleckster's brother in law. Reminds me of that crazy woman from West Easton who harassed a woman in her town and threatened to kill the council woman. She had a court date this morning on another criminal charge.

Anonymous said...

What about this alleged bar incident?

That clearly has nothing to do with Mayor Pawlowski. So two guys get into a fight at an Irish bar. Like that has never happened before throughout the course of world history.

I truly admire the Mayor for maintaining decorum and exhibiting such heroism in the execution of his public duties as this hate-fueled witch hunt continues unabated.

Anonymous said...

"So two guys get into a fight at an Irish bar."

Bullshit. Pawlowski's buddy threatens to kill Fleck's brother in law. Did you lose your brain somewhere? "Two guys" my ass.

Anonymous said...

So the guy knows Pawlowski. That, in itself, does not prove anything in a court of law. Get a grip on yourself there.

Anonymous said...

This isn't a court of law, it's a blog. And the bar fight is the least of Ed's worries. He has to live the rest of his life looking over his shoulder waiting for someone like Reilly to brain him for flipping to get less time served. I don't hate these prople, I pity them for they will never have earned money without breaking the law. It's an incredible freedom to be self made and not of means born of illegal and unethical activities.

It's a luxury born of knowing the difference between right and wrong. The bar fight was perpetrated by someone who does not have that luxury.

Anonymous said...

Ed Pawlowski is a champion of the people, particularly the poor and underprivileged. The Mayor has unselfishly revitalized the City of Allentown with a booming NIZ. The state of the city's schools and park system is wonderful and his track record of winning elections at the polls is a testament to the overwhelming support of the local citizenry.

Pawlowski is only being victimized because of his Polish ancestry so, speaking of right and wrong, this shameless persecution of the innocent must cease.

Anonymous said...

@10:35: You are a very deranged individual!

Anonymous said...

Pawlowski is only being victimized because of his Polish ancestry..
That's a crock of shit. What evidence is there to support that nonsensical claim?

Pawlowski thought he could buy his way to Washington, and he was wrong. Polish, German, English heritage, whatever. You're throwing a shit screen out and hoping it makes such a nasty mess that people can't see the truth. Fail.

Whethervain said...

Geezs folks, can't ya tell that 10:35PM is just baiting you with sarcasm?! The 1st part of the 3rd sentence describing the status of the schools & parks is the dead giveaway. NOBODY could possibly believe that's true!!!

Canary_In_Coalmine said...


Great question. Agree it was redundant but felt it worthwhile lest anyone be unaware.

Perhaps legal pay-to-play would be a soccer mom paying the activity fee for her child?

Anonymous said...

FedEd will be attending the 10,000 man thing in Allentown today so he can get a feel for being surrounded by all men for maybe 5+ years.

Wear protection Ed, hate to see you get anymore diseases!

Anonymous said...

I just don't understand all this hatred directed at Ed Pawlowski.

Because of the Mayor's heroism in pushing through the historic NIZ legislation, the sun shines brighter now in the City of Allentown.

Because of the Mayor's unselfish dedication to helping the poor and underprivileged, the air is cleaner to breathe now in the City of Allentown.

Only the Mayor cares so get off his back.

Anonymous said...

@11:35 You obviously don't understand the concept that we the people elect people like Pawlowski, and when they violate the public's trust, they should leave office. It's a very simple concept, yet way over your head.

Anonymous said...


"Perhaps legal pay-to-play would be a soccer mom paying the activity fee for her child?"

I believe the legality of that could be questioned if she paid the activity fee to the Ed Pawlowski campaign.

Nailing a politician on Pay-to-play is like going into a jammed packed Gaelic bar on Patty's Day, pulling out one guy and accusing him of being a drunk with the hopes of bringing sobriety to the whole town.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Pay-to-play is onething; briberyis something else. What is goingon in Allentown is bribery.

Robert Trotner said...

I thought Pawlowski could use campaign contributions for his defense too, but I started to wonder afree someone raised a doubt.
As far as the city paying his defense, there is a fine line between defending the office of Mayor anf defending the mayor himself. Lpu Hirshman raised the same concern before city council last week. When I subsequenly read that AG Kane was using state funds to help defray her legal expenses I decided this was a more than legitimate question.
Minister of God Pawowski knows the right thing to do is to resign, confess completely
to the people of Allentown, ask for forgiveness, and take his punishment like a man. Politician and frail mortal Ed Pawlowski resists that course of action, but burned phones, shakedowns in ecchange for preferential treatment, and searching for body wires are the act of a criminal emulating a Mafia hood.

Bernie O'Hare said...

The law permits Pawlowski to use campaign funds to defend himself. Shit, Pawlowski would use that money to pay babysitters.

Anonymous said...

If you say so Bernie you know more about those specifics.

Campaign contribution could be a bribe if prosecutors prove a quid pro quo. Distinguishing an illicit bribe from a genuine donation is sometimes no easy task.

113 former state Attorneys General from both parties were concerned about the vague guidelines that gave too much leeway to prosecutors who might have partisan agendas.

If 113 Attorneys General think it's to vague, where am I on this?

I'm inclined to believe that vagueness is intentional and that open bribery is the norm.

Bernie O'Hare said...

The federal law is more specific. The state law is a joke.

Anonymous said...

Do you think bribery would be easier to prove if campaign's were publically financed?

Private campaign donation amount to a slush fund and in Pawlowski's case now will be used in a legal defense, the bigger the fund, the better the chances you'll walk.

Local said...

Pay-to-play is onething; briberyis something else. What is goingon in Allentown is bribery.

3:11 PM
I'm not getting the difference.

Does this "bribery" suggest that poor weak Pud was corrupted by big bad business men?
That that "pay to play" is when our elected managers are OFFERING contracts for some sort of personal gain?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Pay to play is the norm. Vendors and contractors make large donations and benefit, but there is no quid pro quo. That is legal. I have called it legal bribery, and believe there should be limits to prevent undue influence. A bribe exists when there is a quid pro quo. That is what is alleged in the Haddad information.

Anonymous said...

"Legal bribery" is an oxymoron like "pretty ugly" or "jumbo shrimp" or "honest politician".

Unacceptable and counterproductive ambiguity would end, if the public financed all campaigns making all private donations illegal.

When the ability to legally create a campaign slush fund, that can be used for whatever purpose, has ended. Criminals as you suggest Pawlowski is, will find more lucrative opportunities to steal in the private sector where Law enforcement and the courts can be bribed. *HSBC comes to mind*

After all to eliminate corruption is to destroy the premise of American governance. Corruption, like bullshit, is the glue that holds the whole system together.

Getting rid of Pawlowsky is like changing a bad motor in a car and expecting it to fly like a plane.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Oxymoron or not, it is an accurate depiction of current campaign finance. Hey, I'm all for reform, but have really no idea what you are going on about.

Anonymous said...

I guess it's difficult to give an accurate depiction or description how any of it works without sounding oxymoronic.

The rest is just the Ramblings of an old cynic who has long since lost all hope in the system. My apologies.