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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Shouldn't Every Child Have an Angel?

The Phillie Phanatic will be at Catasauqua HS this Sunday at Noon for the Nicole Sheriff Childhood Cancer 3 K Walk and Olympics. This walk, conducted during childhood cancer awareness month will raise funds for the Angel34 Foundation, a LV nonprofit that exists to make sure that every child has his or her own angel during their battle with cancer.

Catty High School is located at 200 W Bullshead Road in Northampton.

If you are unable to make the walk, you can donate at Unique Pretzel, Premise Maid, Maviajos, Missing Piece, Widow's Tavern and Grille, Clover Hill Winery at the Fair Grounds, GIO's, Granny Schmidt's Bakery, Terry's Italian Restaurant, Serv Pro, Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber Events, Dickey's of Allentown, Best Vision Media, Affinity Abstract, NY Life Insurance - Comprehensive Wealth Management, ADT, Subway of Easton, Apricot Lane, ACE Hardware Nazareth, Resslers Market, Nazareth Diner and the new coffee Shop in Nazareth.


CSF said...

Not every child can have an Angel, but no child should have a Smeagol.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Give it a rest, Mezzacappa.

Anonymous said...

There are born innocent, and than they turn like you from there nutured ones¿!($ From reading it looks like you too are one of the local mothering types too, no class is low class¿!($

Go play with the toys in your top drawer, hell has no fury like a scorned women¿!($

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