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Thursday, May 08, 2014

Who Will Replace Ott?

Dean Browning
I told you yesterday that Scott Ott is resigning his seat on Lehigh County's Board of Commissioners. He's goin' where the stars at night are big and bright, deep in the heart of Texas. But who will replace him on Lehigh County's Board where his successor, like he, must be a Republican. Three names have already surfaced.

Norma Cusick. - This Salisbury Township resident is reputedly being sponsored by Percy Dougherty. She's run before, in 2011 and 2013. She lost both races, but has served as a Salisbury Township Commissioner and on the Salisbury School Board. She is the mother of former Northampton County Council President John Cusick. Her husband, Dr. Richard Cusick, once ran for Congress as a Democrat.

Nathan Brown. - This Emmaus Borough Council member ran against Mike Schware in last year's primary, but lost. He believes Lehigh County is headed in the wrong direction under the so-called Reform Team formerly led by Scott Ott. Commissioner Brad Osborne is reputedly promoting this candidate.

Dean Browning. - A former Commissioner, Browning stood against a push by Ott, Wayne Woodman and others to force then Executive Don Cunningham to rework a budget that proposed a 16% tax hike. They did so knowing it was impossible and having done nothing themselves to cut costs. Dean, who met weekly with Cunningham to present the leanest budget possible that did not sacrifice services, refused to play along with the political panderers. It cost him his seat, but he kept his conscience.

If the man with a conscience seeks this seat, he should get the appointment.

Commissioner Vic Mazziotti is a great admirer of St. Thomas More. Dean Browning, not so much,.

But there are similarities. Thomas More was beheaded for following his conscience. Dean's head is still firmly planted on his shoulders, but his refusal to play politics certainly damaged, if not killed, his political career. Browning refused to "pin my soul to another man’s back, not even the best man that I know this day living: for I know not where he may hap to carry it.”

Dean refused to pin his soul to the Wayne Woodman and Scott Ott political machine. Now Ott is gone, and from what I hear, Woodman will resign as party boss.

Lehigh County could do far worse than to select a man with a conscience.


Anonymous said...

Just glad to see him go. he belongs in a place like Texas. its a good place for people that don't want to work. maybe one day he will get a full time job and quit burdening his poor wife to provide him with healthcare. there is Obamacare Scott??

Anonymous said...

Really Bernie? How petty! You know full well that no relevant Republican in Lehigh county is pitching Dean Browning. Certainly no Republican in Lehigh County government.

You are fishing his name with the big sell.

People have already been discussed, and I can assure you he is not one of them nor will he be.

Sorry buddy.

Anonymous said...

Dean Browning? How silly. I'm reminded of a snowball's chance in hell.

Anonymous said...

Dean Browning is a great choice. At least someone would know what they were doing on this board

Anonymous said...

Republican Candidates for County Commissioner 2011
Lisa Scheller
Vic Mazziotti
Brad Osburne
Scott OTT
Dean Browning
Norma Cusick
John Najarian
Mike Welsh

Have I forgot anyone?

Anonymous said...

"They did so knowing it was impossible and having done nothing themselves to cut costs".

Wow, keep living in your Dean Browning Utopia, Bernie. Below is a morning call article, which states...

"In April, the administration announced the county finished 2010 with a $5.4 million surplus".


Anonymous said...

Lame list. Bunch of also-rans and election losers.

None of the above.

Whoever it is will be "slate" oriented.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:44

That surplus consisted of mostly one-time savings plus non-recurring money from Harrisburg and it was identified well after the budget for 2011 had been set. Once it was determined, Browning worked with Cunningham to return that to taxpayers as a credit on their taxes in 2012.

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind that a majority of the sitting commissioners must agree on the replacement. The gang of 4 is now reduced to the group of 3. This may be an opportunity for the balance of the commissioners to pick a more centrist member.

Anonymous said...

Don't bet on it. They had that opportunity before, but chose another "gang" member to fill the last vacancy.

Anonymous said...

No one on the commissioner Board wants Browning. So much for the latest attempt at manipulation Bernie.

Anonymous said...

In fact word on the street is it might be Bobby Gunther Walsh.

Anonymous said...

The L/C Tax Increase WAS SUPPOSE to be 35 % and BROWNING Working with the Admin. Got it to 16 % ... BUT NO ONE TALKS ABOUT THIS !!!!

Anonymous said...

I would like to see Ron Beitler but I doubt he would give up his seat in Lower Macungie.


Nurse Ratchet said...


Anonymous said...

Hope it is not some Republican retread. Hope it is someone up and coming in the party with fresh new ideas.

Anonymous said...

Permission to change topics. Who will be replacing Harp as the Norco administrator? Is Brown seriously looking for a qualified appointee or is he just going to designate the unqualified deputy as acting administrator? If so, what will Allen be paid? As you have remarked, she totally lacks the educational and experience requirements of the position and should not be paid the nearly $90 K salary that was proposed by Brown. If he slides her into the position without confirmation he is thumbing his nose at council. This is a travesty! Please investigate this Bernie.

Anonymous said...

Not Dean Browning!

Anonymous said...

The most important thing is that the apointee should be someone who CARES ABOUT LEHIGH COUNTY and its citizens.

The "reform team" could not be less interested in the county. THey go to nothing, they have no ties to the community and they talk in an echo chamber to hear their own voices.

Dean Browning, Norma Cusick, Nate Brown, and Mike Welsh all care about the community and have ties to it.

Any one of them would be fine. So would anyone like them.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully it is someone with the same high standards and beliefs as Mr. Ott.