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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Dent Condemns VA's Secret Waiting Lists

Congressman Charlie Dent is among those who co-sponsored and voted (390-33) for House legislation that will make it easier to fire or demote a VA official guilty of mismanagement. This comes in the wake of claims that dozens of veterans have died while waiting for treatment,

“All Americans were appalled and angered by the recent reports about veterans losing their lives while being placed on secret ‘wait lists’ for care at VA facilities. The fact that these were not isolated incidences but instead seem to be common protocol is despicable,” said Dent.

“This bill gives Secretary Shinseki the authority to make sure that the people reporting to him know that they will face harsh consequences for failing our veterans. We’re giving him the ability to muck out those individuals who allowed this perversion to become policy,” said Dent. “He better use it.”

Obama has taken swift action - a speech.


Anonymous said...

Dent has also voted with the Republican majority to continually deny funds to address the problems of the

Full disclosure and all that.

Anonymous said...

Lets not forget it takes MONTHS for the VA to review benefit claims. While they suggest, applicants are eligible for back pay if approved, it is little consolation for a widow who is entilted to and may need those benefits to survive. This is not a new trend.

When asked why it takes so long, the response is lack of funding to pay for staff.

Anonymous said...

never send a boy to do a man's job

Anonymous said...

What can Obama do? Its up to Dent and the tea party Congress to infuse massive amounts of additional funding into the system to accommodate the influx of Bush doctrine disabled vets.

Anonymous said...

This president gave billions more to the VA budget. I find it impossible to believe they are so underfunded they have to lie and deceive our vets as well as the American people.

Another lie from Obama. He said what he had to to get elected. Blame Bush. The videos are out there.

I cannot listen to this man speak as I know I can't believe a word he says.

The saying goes, "you can trust a thief but not a liar."

He is both. What he has wasted on this failed Obamacare plan,and his contributors like the guy who owns the cell phone company who gives free Obama phones, failed green companies who are his doners, vacations and golf outings and on and on. Any wonder there are more rich people because of this admin.?

Take from the middle class and make some richer. . He is a big proponent of Wall Street and the banks as well as healthcare companies.

All of this in the worse economy in many years. He loves to remind us of this while he recycles our money from us to those he prefers.

So who does he really represent??? Not regular hard woring people and certainly not the military on any level.

Anonymous said...

Obams has a lot of blood on his hands. We have seen many good soldiers die in the past 5 1/2 years under him.
Not to mention ones left to die in Benghanzi.

He sends them off to die and then denies them care.

What do we have to show for the past 51/2 years. We are in decline and our enemies are bolder then ever.

This should work out well for us....

Anonymous said...

This is a preview of Obamacare once all the wraps are taken off (after election).

A little research will show how much of that monstrosity is being hidden from view. Some now provide evidence that BILLIONS will soon be given to insurance companies as a bailout for this failed effort and to keep premiums artificially low until after November.

I suggest Charlie Dent and his buddy John Boehner begin to make some tough choices to protect our veterans and confront much of what is going on more aggressively, beyond a few nice-sounding press releases.

Fred Windish

Anonymous said...

Private physicians and surgeons see eight patients for for every one VA physicians and surgeons see. Government is like this. Welcome to Obamacare. More people covered; same number or fewer practitioners; higher costs; rationing and cover ups. Who needs death panels when you simply let people die while waiting. And here comes the insurance company bailout Obama promised Big Insurance.

Bernie O'Hare said...

1:36's comments are nonsense. Dent has always supported the VA, but is attacked falsely in every Congressional race over this issue. I looked this up several times and am not going to play that game anymore. What this person is really tryingto say is that he does not like Dent because he is a Republican. That is what he should be saying.

Anonymous said...

The AHC is going to be a giant version of the VA experience. Gov't can't handle the scope of medical care.

Look at the IRS, Social Security, Postal Service, Defense, FBI, and many large entities under government control. They are too big and too intrusive.

Anonymous said...

I don't like Dent. But he and his party control just one half of one third of the legislative process. This morning, despite yesterday's pledge of a full investigation, three top VA administrators failed to show at a Congressional hearing. The only guy fired was a guy set to retire shortly. Obama's been caught and his administration is circling the wagons politically. They don't care about veterans. They care about the November election and losing the Senate.

Anonymous said...

When you start making allegations like that, should we be asking the party registration of all the incompetent administrators makings such terrible decisions. Was it to protect the Administration or their jobs and bonuses? You need to lay off the cool aid.

This reminds me a lot like how Cheney and friends threw a great american like Colin Powell under the bus with an agenda of misinformation.

Anonymous said...

If you love the VA Scandal, then you are going to love OBAMACARE!

Repeat after me --- THERE ARE NO DEATH PANELS

And Barack Hussein Obama never lies.

Anonymous said...

Let's face it ,no one wants to use the V.A. unless
They have to.

Anonymous said...

f you love the VA Scandal, then you are going to love OBAMACARE!

Oh please. You people are embarrassing yourselves with your ignorance.

Anonymous said...

"If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor"

What was that about embarrassment?