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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Angle Installed Atop Bill White's Mount Rushmore

Morning Call columnist Bill White was at tonight's meeting of Bethlehem City Council. Normally, he's a fairly reserved guy who keeps to himself. But he sought me out after the meeting to tell me that his Mount Rushmore of Hall of Famers is complete, and that graphic artist Ann Elizabeth Schlegel worked up a terrific design. He was quite excited about it.

The only living member of White's Mount Rushmore is Ron Angle. Most of us would shudder, but I am sure he will be pleased. He gets a kick out of this sort of thing. He still thinks he did me a great favor by nominating me last year.


Now I'm stuck in it for eternity with Tricia MezzacRaZy. Thanks, Ron. Thanks a lot.

I have not seen the graphic for this Rushmore, and hope it is in tomorrow's print edition. I wonder if it includes a big Angle cigar.

Other inductees include Allentown's Emma Tropiano as well as the Cipko Brothers.


Anonymous said...

I was positive that Ron Angle and Jim Gregory would be shoe ins for this honor(???).

They are both in a league unto themselves.

Anonymous said...

Was he slamming the Cipkos because of their looks? Their generosity is unmatched. It seems a bit mean to lump them in with Angle and Emma. Have I missed something?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Bill kept Gregory off it, and I'm kinda' glad he did.

Bernie O'Hare said...

" It seems a bit mean to lump them in with Angle and Emma. Have I missed something?"

Yes. Me, too, until last night. If you read Bill's column, I think its pretty clear that, though he probably disagreed a lot with Tropiano and lamented Angle's sometimes abusive style at a meeting, he genuinely seems to like them both. I never knew Emma, but heard many times that she was always a good and caring person willing to help another person. Ron is simply one of the funniest guys you'll ever meet anywhere. He is also generous to a fault, something his detractors don't know and would try to keep from you.

Anonymous said...

Shame on Bill White for associating Ron Angle with such a famous American Monument. No one could be further in honor from the great Americans on MT Rushmore than the pompous bully in Mt Bethel