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Friday, May 23, 2014

Bangor School District's Lawyer Bill Raises Eyebrows

The King Spry law firm, which includes over two dozen attorneys, is one you'll see on numerous campaign finance reports throughout the Lehigh Valley. They finance numerous local political races, with gobs of money. Where do they get all this money for Allentown Mayor Edwin Pawlowski?  From you, of course. Bangor School District residents should be delighted to know that their hard-earned tax money is helping fund the Miracle That Is Allentown. Last year, the King, Spry law firm was paid $178,000 in legal fees by Bangor Area taxpayers.The year before, it was $202,000 to a law firm that was engaged in no outside litigation.

I guess you can call this regionalism.

What kills me is that Don Spry actually charged the school district to fill out his own ethics form. Talk about cheeky.

I have been unable to find a norm for Solicitor's fees to a school district, but these bills seem excessive to me. Any of you know what your school district solicitor is paid? I have filed a Right-to-Know for more detail.


Anonymous said...

Same story in local governments, these lawyers are high balling at every turn and perhaps you can make a difference in getting them to stop screwing the taxpayers!

Anonymous said...

Agreed 6:21, but it is an even bigger story than just municipal lawyers. Municipal engineers are an even bigger story.

Municipal lawyers and engineers will even fund candidates in their own municipalities!

Anonymous said...

This has to be a first Bernie. I thought the school districts were the third rail you would never touch. I applaud your decision to drag them/their lawyer out into the public square. Long over due legitimate criticism and they need to be accountable as everyone else is.

Anonymous said...

She's baaaaaaaaaaaack. She is a whack job.

Chris Casey said...

This is feeding at the trough, pure and simple. Engineers and lawyers feed in the Townships like you would not believe. Then they drop thousands to keep incumbents in and get their yearly reappointment. Employees of Engineer firms are big time feeders in the burbs. Just a wink and a nod, no Quid pro quo at all.

Anonymous said...

The rumor around the City of Bethlehem is that this firm was hired to negotiate the new fire and police contracts, and that they gave Donchez big $$$$ during the campaign.

Anonymous said...

Don Spry didnt lose his law license and is free to charge whatever fees he wants to charge...

Sorry, you couldnt pay me enough money to sit there and listen to a loud mouth lunatic covered in sludge, with suspenders and a cigar.

Kiss of death...see how many other lawyers want that job

Anonymous said...

I fear 'over-billing' is very common when dealing with school districts. Construction costs always seem much too high, too.

There is room to improve taxpayer protection in these agreements, I'm certain. Anything billed by the hour, when no one is in place to monitor those hours is wide open for abuse.

School districts are easy marks for abuse. They pay for projects and services with money that seems DIFFERENT than the money you and I need to part with.

Fred Windish

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Sorry, you couldnt pay me enough money to sit there and listen to a loud mouth lunatic covered in sludge, with suspenders and a cigar. "

I don't think school districts have any interest in hiring anonymous trolls as solicitor.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Same story in local governments, these lawyers are high balling at every turn"

Although your statement might be generally true, that has not been what i observe on a local level. The attorneys I have seen are, if anything, underpaid. In fact, they make nowhere near the kind of money charged by King, Spry for one small school district.

Anonymous said...

@ 9:30 Fred

I couldn't agree with you more. Add to that administration positions and salaries that go with them. Some positions are created for no other real purpose than to reward a teacher favored by those in power.

Boards approve administrative salaries, billings from solicitors, construction costs and other expenses with hardly more than a few questions, but no investigation.

School boards get away with spending money on building bonds, solicitor over-billings and the rest because unless some single issue gets the residents off their asses, few people attend school board meetings.

Talk about a Good 'Ol "Boys" Club, school administrators take care of themselves with heaping accolades, glad handing, and pompous self-promotions upon each other to ensure they each get a larger pay raise each year.

And the school board members are so impressed by the letters behind names, or calling somebody "Doctor," that they just keep approving more and more money for them.

Anonymous said...

They have to donate heavily because it's the only way for them to get any business. I have yet to meet anyone from King Spry who is anything better than average.

Anonymous said...

Its about time, this has been a problem for years. Don Spry is an average attorney- at best- who has been feeding at the trough for years. Then you have the school board President, Pam Colton, who gave the teachers everything they wanted during the last contract- and you wonder why the Bangor School District is millions of dollars in debt???