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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Molovinsky Speaks to Sam Bennett

Newspapers generally shy away from coverage of political races especially when they're three years away. Besides, in urban growth regimes like Allentown, democracy is pretty much dead. But Allentown blogger Michael Molovinsky, who prefers opinion pieces, did a fairly balanced interview with possible Allentown mayoral candidate Siobhan Sam Bennett yesterday. He even took notes.

It's very well done, and I recommend anyone from Allentown to give it a read.


Anonymous said...

Ms.Bennett does not seem like the type of hustler that will wait to run for Mayor.She needs the political job now.How about United States Senator from Pa. Seems like The President should give Her a job to tide Her over

Anonymous said...

I hope Mike gives her a few drinks first. Would love to see her top the drunken slurred spectacle she made after losing her first bid for mayor. That was a true classic and was recorded by a few political junkies.

Pure gold!

Anonymous said...

Told you this crazy woman was running for mayor! Maybe Mike should have asked her about why she blew $2 million in Other People's Money (OPM) running for Congress against Charlie Dent after losing two primary elections for mayor first. By the way, guys like Vince Fumo went to jail for OPM but not Sam.

michael molovinsky said...

@3:23, apparently, enough people had faith in her to contribute to her campagin, nobody forced them.