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Friday, April 25, 2014

Are Stay-at-Home Moms Unwelcome on Bethlehem Boards?

Diana Morganelli, wife of the District Attorney, is a magna cum laude graduate of Moravian College with a BS degree in accounting. She worked at Air Products, a Fortune 500 company, for about 6 years. After that, she went to work at a Big 8 accounting firm. She also served as Treasurer of the Library Board in Bethlehem. But after being grilled for fifty minutes by three City City Council members on Tuesday night, she was deemed unqualified to serve as a volunteer, unpaid and advisory member of the Parking Authority.

A painter (Adam Waldron), ex nonprofit boss (Karen Dolan) and community activist (Cathy Reuscher) concluded that Morganelli lacks the high standards Bethlehem demands of its Parking Authority.

I see.

Like Parking Authority member Dino Cantelmi? He's a frickin' undertaker! If being able to enbalm a body is required, then he's your man.

Morganelli, whom they obviously never intended to approve, was asked ridiculous questions about the proper square footage of a parking space and the airspeed velocity of an unladen sparrow.

One of them said that accounting "has changed" in the past 30 years. Really? Accounting principles are pretty basic. So far as I know, 2 plus 2 is still 4. So far as I know, you still have to file tax returns, as Dolan recently discovered. Besides, she wasn't applying for an accountant position.

Morganelli was actually told that, as a stay-at-home mom who raised her children over the last 30 years, she simply is unqualified.

No stay-at-home moms need apply.

Dolan thinks Morganelli's place is at the library, reading books to little kids. Unlike Karen Dolan, Morganelli simply lacks the expertise to run up a $128,000 City debt; fail to file tax returns for three years in a row; and get a nonprofit status revoked. Unlike Adam Waldron, Morganelli lacks the sophistication to file nomination petitions that are completely invalid. Unlike Cathy Reuscher, Morganelli would actually think for herself instead of letting others push her around.

Mayor Bob Donchez refuses to back down on this point and will send Morganelli's nomination to the rest of Council.

Hopefully, Council President J. Willie Reynolds will knock some sense into a Committee that clearly was under Dolan's influence.

Blogger's note: I was not present at this meeting, and am relying on first and second hand accounts.

Karen Dolan Tells Morning Call that Stay-at-Home Moms Are Unqualified. - "Bright and astute, true, but no clue what the Parking Authority even does. With all the potential shenanigans coming up, the city needs someone who really understands the issues. It's hard to picture this very nice lady, who hasn't worked -- except for a fews years as a school substitute -- since 1984, would even be nominated if she weren't the wife of the Mayor's Campaign and Transition Chair, best friend, and "behind the scenes" guy. Get real!"

How can a public official say this in today's world without criticism? Does raising your children erase your college degree and professional experience? Or make you incompetent to listen to the professionals who are paid by the authority and consider options? This is insulting and condescending to ALL stay at home moms.

In the comments, someone calling herself Karen Dolan denies that she is the Karen Dolan who posted those remarks at The Morning Call.

Updated 12:10 pm


Anonymous said...

Bernie, I agree with your logic. And would rather think to myself about these issues these individuals on the committee have had than flaunt them in this thread. I am not sure if they meant well or had already tried to grind an ax. But citing their downfalls, would push away any person thinking about committing their time for serving their communities. I cannot say for sure that they were picking on Mrs. Morganelli, but pointing out their short comings doesn't help - even though we are all uttering them under our breath. Anyway, you probably don't care about what I am saying, but give them hell! I don't want anyone to say that you are picking on these committe members, because I realize you are not. You are just standing up to these bullies, defending Mrs. Morganelli, and want was is best for the community.

Bernie O'Hare said...

They do have shortcomings, and seem to have forgotten all about them and act like demigods up there. So I feel I need to hit it hard.

Last week, three of them ignored the police chief and fire chief when talking about the LHS lockdown. Who does that?

Dolan seems to forget that she completely screwed up a nonprofit. Waldron has forgotten that his nomination papers were fatally defective. Reuscher has demonstrated she has no mind of her own.

This is a bad bunch. They reject a stay-at-home mom, but pick an embalmer.

Are they nuts?

Steve Mongrel said...

Nuts compared to what? Nuts like a man that went on a radio station to make fun of his ex, who she already had a PFA against him? Nuts like a woman trying to convince a judge that she can't afford legal fees, but forces the judge to read a blog report demonstrating most of her many sources of incomes? Nuts like a loon that has sullied his and his family's names by tormenting perceived enemies that no one takes him seriously now? Or nuts like building a hockey arena right smack in the middle of downtown Allentown away from accessible roads and forcing the tax payers to foot the bill? Or just plain egotistical nuts?

Anonymous said...

They are unethical nuts that have no business as elected officials. They should be voted out of office, all of them. You can relax, they won't be.

This is still a leftover of the warring political camps in the city. She was a victim.

Sad in Bethlehem right now. We need solid citizens in our local government. Now we have a bunch of immature posers.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Dolan under investigation by a Grand Jury or about to be??? Isn't that Grand Jury headed up by DA John Morganelli?? Isn't Dolan's participation in this possible appointment a big ole Conflict of Interest?? The Mayor needs to deal with this one quickly and swiftly. Thank you BO for reporting this one even though its second hand.

John Cleese said...

African or European swallow?

Anonymous said...

this council is anti donchez

voters rid your self of the remaining jc clan

they are stinking up your city

Anonymous said...

Bernie...I don't get it when Dino "the embalmer" Cantelmi who just happens to be John Callahans brother in law and everyone else wer running Hector Nemes out of the authority You had nothing to say but now that Broughal and Morganelli are running Bethlehem from behind Puppet Donches all of a sudden You speak .......WHY is that????? Or do I have to meet You at Rosanna's to get an answer????

Anonymous said...

I was at the Council meeting and part of what Bernie is saying is true however what We are doing here is trying to get the DA's people in place as 7:19 said Donches is not running Bethlehem Jim Broghal and Morganelli are...maybe Morganelli should starta Grand Jury investigation on Himself...

The Shadow

Anonymous said...

To embarrass this woman like these three clowns did is a big black eye for Bethlehem. She has more qualifications than all three of the board members put together and they said no, to a volunteer, for a non paid position with little ability to change the course of anything at the authority shame on these three. This is an embarrassment to all of us Who live in Bethlehem.

Ps did Waldron shave his terrorist beard off yet?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Karen Dolan is playing political payback. As difficult as it is to find volunteers, leave alone qualified ones, this committee has their heads up their collective ass.

Anonymous said...

Funny, according to a City Councilman I spoke to the only people at the meeting were the 3 committee members, the city clerk, Donchez, Diana Morganelli and the nominee for the planning commission.

So take your pick where Bernie got his information.

Seems like Bernie is trying to spin this to make it look like Council Committee is against a stay at home mom, when really the Committee is against cronyism. Donchez should have expected this.

Authority members are chosen by the mayor and approved by the Council. Council's role is more than a rubber stamp.

While I have no problem with Diana Morganelli, I applaud council for taking a more active look at the nominees. I sat in several council meetings where guys like Antalics, Schierer and Grubb would wax poetically about how council needed to be more involved in these appointments and take an active role. Seems like Karen Dolan was listening,too.

Anonymous said...

Makes sense to me that someone out of the workforce for 30 years shouldn't expect to waltz into anything they like regardless of who their husband is.

But that begs the real question: why on earth would be she want to volunteer at the PARKING authority? There is some ulterior motive or part of the story not being told here.

Anonymous said...

Exactly how qualified does a Parking Authority member need to be? Oh, you made that point quite well already.

While the three inquisitors appear to be solely focused on politics, and not making an objective decision, it does seem like a valid question - why does she want this position, and is it possible her motives and/or her husband's position could interfere with her ability to be just another contributing member?

On another note, has Tricia suffered a lobotomy, and forgotten she is a lady, um I mean woman?

Bernie O'Hare said...

7:1q9, I had pretty much to say when Callahand nran Nemes out of the parking Authority. I don't know where you were.

Bernie O'Hare said...


I absolutely agree with Council taking a look at nominations to boards, authorities and commissions. For an unpaid, voluntary and advisory role, the real questions should be whether you can make the meetings or might be spread too thin and do you have any expertise that you feel is relevant to the decision-making and advisory process?

This did not happen. Instead Morganelli was water boarded.

Dolan and Waldon's comments make very clear they were sticking it to the DA.

They want to discourage anyone from serving their community in this fashion unless they are holdovers and pals of the prior administration.

There are very few Bethlehem residents in key local government positions. This kind of service is a sure way to have Bethlehem residents involved.

Dolan should be ashamed of hersel. She has allowed her own troubles to interfere with her judgment, which is exactly what i would expect of someone who engages in conflicts if interest.

Let's face it. This Council does not like anyone who is too old or too white, and stay-at-home moms are unwelcome in the world of these urbanistas.

Anonymous said...


Do you happen to have or know where I can find Dolan's C.V.? I am now very interested in her background. Where ever she went to college, I wouldn't send a dog there. Her Alma Mater should be very proud to have a "graduate" of this caliber!

There seems to be more and more truth to the old saying, "If you can't do, teach." Can you imagine that she shaped the youth of today with her teaching experiences? No wonder we currently have the problems we do in our local society?

Anonymous said...

Could it be that Ms. Dolan is starting to go off the deep end?

Anonymous said...

Okay, let's think about this: John Morganelli empaneled a grand jury to investigate the Mill and the entity to which Karen Dolan belonged. I am assuming that Mrs. Morganelli is John's wife? And Karen Dolan didn't recuse herself from this panel and issued a "no vote" for a person who is a resident of Bethlehem and qualified in terms of her age (over 18) and her mental acuity (not disabled) to hold a position that is essentially a volunteer position?

Okay...Shouldn't she have recused herself from this vote? How is this not a conflict of interest on her behalf? Doesn't this appear to be improper?

Bernie O'Hare said...

It's not a conflict bc this meeting was two days before the Grand Jury was formed. I had no idea they would be looking at Dolan's antics until I went to the voir dire.

Bernie O'Hare said...

It's not a conflict bc this meeting was two days before the Grand Jury was formed. I had no idea they would be looking at Dolan's antics until I went to the voir dire.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:11,

Using your logic, John Morganelli is the best friend and campaign chairman for Bob Donchez. John Morganelli was the head of Donchez's transition team. John Morganelli's wife is nominated for the parking authority.

Shouldn't John Morganelli turn over his investigation to the AG, since he is clearly conflicted?

Anonymous said...

Wonder what Dolan would say to a group of stay-at-home Moms who attend the next council meeting? If a man made the comments she just made he would be scraping off tar and feathers for the next month. She is a nitwit.

Bernie O'Hare said...

11:20, this position is unpaid. JM is not using the authority of his office to get his wife on the Parking Authority. He is using the authority of his office to investigate Dolan's conflicts of interest and mismanagement at Illick's Mill.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the issue is really about Diana Morganelli. The real issue is how Dolan, Waldron and selected other council people (they take turns). denigrate, embarass and demean anyone who does not agree with their so-called agenda.

It is always a shame when elected officials feel the need to build themselves up by tearing down others. Shows real class and civic mindedness.

Bernie O'Hare said...

8:34, i made it clear I was not there. The dailies were not there either. Why not ask them where they got their information. Obviously, there was a sense of outrage by how Morganelli was treated.

Karen Dolan said...

Just a few points: 1) I didn't post on the newspaper comments; someone must have used my name. I would never post a comment like that. 2) Mrs. Morganelli is a wonderful person. 3) Bernie wasn't at this meeting (no press attended), and he has his facts about how the meeting proceeded completely wrong. I wonder where he got this version. 4) Minutes of the meeting should be available so if anyone is interested in facts, they can read them. 5) Mrs. Morganelli's resume is probably also public record, so anyone who wants to see it, can. Bernie misrepresents it. 6) Mrs. Morganelli's time as a stay at home was positively commented on -- by both women on the board -- as valuable. 7) The Library Board was suggested as just one good alternative appointment because Mrs.Morganelli is now a teacher, whose knowledge of books and school standards could be valuable there.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Response to Karen Dolan.

1) I made clear in my story that I was not physically present at this meeting and am relying on other accounts that I trust. The dailies were not there either, but I at least let my readers know they were not getting a first hand account. They did not.

2) I do not rely on you as a truthful source bc you have already been caught misleading and flat out lying to me.

3) I am sure you will ensure that the minutes will reflect what you want them to reflect.

4) The fact of the matter is that you insulted a woman by suggesting her time would be better spent reading books to the kiddies at the library. That's what you told Nicole at The Morning Call, unless you were impersonated there, too.

5) There is no doubt in any reasonable person's mind that the reason this nomination was killed is bc she is a Morganelli.

6) There is no doubt in my mind that you detest stay-at-home moms, anyone who is too white and anyone who is too old.

7) You are an ethically conflicted Council member and need to resign. You are an embarrassment to Bethlehem.

Bernie O'Hare said...

11:05, I am pretty sure Dolan graduated from Moravian, the same school that graduated Morganelli and even me.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I should also point out that Morganelli's work as a substitute teacher was known only to the Committee, and the "nice person" remark was used in The Morning Call. That is trademark Dolan She praises people while cutting their knees out from under them. I have no trust in anything she says.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Dolan refer to some of the people who put in for the vacant council seat as "nice people" before she went after them?

Anonymous said...

Dolan needs to go and get off city council. its obvious she is a liar and abused her power there as well as ethics violations. I thim the Grand Jury will see right thru her. Do the right thing karen and resign.

Anonymous said...

This is absurd. These are people willing to give their time at no cost to the community. This city council is out of control. the idea of their cross-examining people is nutz!

They are a disgrace and full of themselves. Not one of them is even close to being a rocket scientist.

Anonymous said...


FYI - I just checked the Alumni Association's online community for Moravian College. You (1974) and your whole family graduated. Mrs. and D.A. Morganelli graduated. But no one ever named Karen Dolan, Dolan as a maiden name or married named graduated from M.C. Does she have another first name? Are you incorrect? Or is she pulling wool over our eyes with her education profile?

By the way, it says that you live up in the Slate Belt. You must have big bucks!!!

Bernie O'Hare said...

I am incorrect. She got a teaching certificate from Moravian, but graduated at Rutgers.

I did once live in Bushkill Tp

Anonymous said...

Jersey? That explains all the attitude and her big-mouth-insert-foot mentality/personality.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Maybe I should RTK the tape of the meeting to prove what I already know - Dolan is full of shit.

Anonymous said...

Willie is slowly cooking his own goose here

Anonymous said...

The real problem for Dolan, is that Mrs. Morganelli is Catholic. That, and the pesky Grand Jury that will ultimately lead to Dolan's arrest.

Bernie, if you don't provide footage of Dolan's inevitable frog walk to arraignment, it'll be the biggest disappointment in this blog's history.

Peter J.Cochran said...

Wrong, stay at home mom's that are professionals are the best choice in any public interest .They can ponder issues that are not distracted by everyday flack. ALSO ,they would be most likely be inclined to be disinterested parties as in lack of conflict .It would be a good fit.This is a great idea.

Anonymous said...

Willie Reynolds needs to look closely at his "city council" and step up to the plate! Stop allowing the likes of Corrupt Dolan, a so called activist & a painter belittle a class act! I must say Eric Evans is the only person I feel confident making decisions on my behalf as Bethlehem resident

Anonymous said...

As an outsider, reading these comments and the hand wringing over something so trivial is pretty humorous. What's sad is the vicious attack of a person who appears to be elected by the people. The clowns commenting are vitriolic pajama clad assholes. My impression, at least.