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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Angels in the Outfield

Megan Brown and Dana Pollock - angels in the outfield
Juniors Megan Brown and Dana Pollock are outfielders on Freedom High School's winning softball team. But they're angels in the outfield. Thanks to their effort, they were able to collect enough food to replenish the empty food shelves at New Bethany Ministries' food bank, located on Bethlehem's South side.

Megan, whose mother Marie is a volunteer at the food bank, toured the facility with Dana. "The shelves were really empty," noted Dana. So the two of them, with the help of their teammates, recently organized a food drive and brought for the 500 families who depend on the food bank for three days worth of food every month.

The food collected filled two SUVs.

"They always need food, not just during the holidays," observed Megan.

FHS Softball Team during practice, coached by Nora Borger

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Kathy Thomas said...

Great job girls. Keep up the good work!