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Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Hanover Township is On Target

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"On target" was the operative phrase when Hanover Township Supervisors met on April 8.

Construction of Village View Park, a 25-acre complex including four playing fields for soccer, lacrosse and field hockey, is well under way. After approving about $132,000 in payments to Livengood Excavating, Chair John Diacogiannis asked Township Engineer Jim Milot how things were progressing.

"On target," answered Township Manager Jay Finnigan.

"I wasn't talking to you, I was talking to him," said the Chair, referring to Milot.

"On target," answered Milot. He added that the $849,000 project will be finished by the end of June.

Open space money from Northampton County, a gaming grant from Monroe County and land donations from the Lehigh Valley International Airport is what made this park possible.

In other business, Supervisors unanimously agreed to appoint Robert Cepin as Recreation Director, with an annual $43,000 salary. Currently the Assistant Director, Cepin was chosen from a field of 80 applicants, 15 of whom were interviewed. Cepin will be assisted by Joshua Aniskecich, who was appointed unanimously with an annual salary of $35,000. Aniskecich was the Recreation Director in Perkasie.

Public Works Director Vince Milite told the Board that he and his crew have started street sweeping, working north to south. He asked residents to check the Township web page to see daily locations. Residents are requested to find other parking than on streets designated for sweeping.

Milite also warned about the potholes that sprout up this time of year. "They are horrible, but we're on 'em as soon as they pop up," he told Supervisors. Until hot asphalt can be used, potholes will continue to open every one to two days. The Township web page warns, "All drivers should drive carefully and be aware of the potholes."


Anonymous said...

May 2011 Hanover Township was awarded a $499,970 grant from the Monroe County Gaming Authority for the development of Village View Park.

2014 Submitted a gaming grant application for construction for a new 2.5 million dollar centralized fire station. This is the third try.

WOW….that is a lot of gaming impact from Monroe from 40 miles away! These are worthy projects, however if you live in the Northern tier of Leigh County, need not apply.

The point is that the Gaming Share Legislation is broken and needs to be fixed. It is time to trim back some of the dedicated funding and expand the benefit to more municiaplities.

Anonymous said...

Why trim back dedicated (impact) funding? The sole purpose is to benefit municipalities on which the casino has direct impact. The municipalities adjacent to the hometown of the casino are the most impacted. Perhaps, one day, no more big ticket items will need funding, and it will be spread out for smaller projects.

Anonymous said...

Transgretional Transformation ReSurgance Developmetal Tool of the Brown Hole of the valley?

Anonymous said...

How can you justify communities 40miles from Mount Airy benefiting from Monroe gaming grants, however if you are 4 miles from the Sands you may be out of luck? Excluding 2013 the dedicated share is as follows: Bethlehem has received $34M, Allentown $13.1M, and Easton $1.7M. Others have received $200K+ through grants. Some have not received ANY and are looking for tokens in the Sands parking lot! On top of the dedicated funding from Sands, Northampton County municipalities have also benefited from an additional $1.675M from Monroe County alone in 2013. Bethlehem has recieved Northampton County Money as well as Monroe County Money.

Anonymous said...

Interesting how Hanover Township raids the pot of Monroe County money but never applies to Northampton County as a favored status community for Sands money? Why is that? Someone?