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Monday, June 17, 2013

Dueling NorCo GOP Picnics

There were two Northampton County GOP picnics over the weekend. One of them attracted LV Congressman Charlie Dent, State Rep Mario Scavello, Judge Emil Giordano, Superior Court candidate Vic Stabile, the NorCo Bulldog, NorCo Council candidates Mat Benol, Hayden Phillips and Seth Vaughn, as well as Bethlehem City Council candidate Chris Morales. I'm told it's the biggest shindig, that local Republicans have ever held.

The other party, held at the same time, attracted Tricia Mezzacappa.

She lectured on the appropriate use of the N word and death threats.

Guest speaker was Hitler's Dad, Heath Campbell.

This small band of tea party extremists, unwilling to stain themselves by associating with "liberals" like Ron Angle and Lee Snover, had their own Christian pig roast. They'd rather hang with a racist who threatens to kill people. Besides, she brought lots of white sheets.

You could call this pathetic bunch the sour grapes club. It includes former party chair Bob Kerr, who has just lost a vote to get his job back; failed County and Borough Council candidate Mezzacappa; failed judicial and Bethlehem City Council candidate Tom Carroll; failed Bethlehem City Council candidate Tony Simao; and failed Easton School Board candidate Ronnie DelBacco.

I understand they topped off the afternoon by burning a cross.


Anonymous said...

Mezzacappa, DelBacco and Heath Campbell -- three people the county would be better off without.

Anonymous said...

Will Jimmy G now become a Republican for harmony with his soul mate ?

Bernie O'Hare said...

They sound like his kind of people.

Anonymous said...

Was Hayden Phillips there. He is a fire breathing teabagger.

Bernie O'Hare said...

He was with the mainstream Rs, but hhis views are quite disturbing. I will have a post about him this week.

"Grab" Your Partner said...

Heard Tom O'Donnell, even though he is a Democrat, joined the Tea Party picnic. There was a maypole and he got all caught up dosie-doughing with some of the guys!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can't believe how out of line you are. I get your a bottom feeding blogger, but this is ridiculous. Are you mad that you weren't invited???

There were plenty of people there that were there just to have fun, and you are slandering them as well. I really am disappointed.

Anonymous said...

Ron Angle is about as "liberal" as Genghis Khan.

Anonymous said...

Wrong. Mr. Angle certainly has liberal inclinations.

Anonymous said...

Great news that Northampton County Republicans have taken the common sense actions to take their party back.....now let's hope Lehigh COunty can do the same to the Woodman-Ott-Woodman's wife--lunatic fringe and return sanity to the entire Lehigh Valley.