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Thursday, June 20, 2013

One Great Judge Endorses Another

Superior Court Judge Jack Panella has every right to be bitter

But he's not.

He was defeated in a nasty election for the state Supreme Court by Judge Joan Orie Melvin, who cheated and used taxpayer resources. She's been tried, convicted and has resigned in disgrace. But instead of picking Panella to succeed her, Governor Tom Corbett has chosen the Superior Court's president Judge, Cory Stevens.

Instead of complaining, Judge Panella has sent a letter to The Express Times, unreservedly endorsing Stevens.  

Stevens, unlike Panella, is a Republican. Hard core, too. But like Panella, he's a great judge. In his time on the Superior Court, he has made strides to make the bench more transparent, conducting sessions at different colleges throughout the state. Earlier this year, Judge Panella headed one such panel at Northampton Community College.

Like Panella, he is also accessible. Although unable to discuss pending cases, he's as comfortable in a diner, drinking coffee with patrons, as he is in the rarefied atmosphere of a courtroom.

So despite their ideological differences, these two jurists have become good friends, genuinely admiring and respecting each other.

At a time when our judiciary has come under intense criticism, judges like Stevens and Panella exemplify everything that is right about our judicial system. I am delighted to see one of these class acts on the Supreme Court.


Anonymous said...

His hair looks more like Irwin Corey. Panella is good people.

zoid said...

Jack has always been a class act.

Anonymous said...

When Jack Panella sat on the Northampton County court, every year he organized a picnic for the children whose families had been helped by Turning Point. He looked forward to those outings. what a fine thing to do, bring a little fun into the lives of kids who had lived through some bad times with no fault of their own.

Anonymous said...

They are all so sweet. It is nice.

Anonymous said...

were u born an asshole or has it been a lifetime passion of yours