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Monday, June 24, 2013

Workers' Comp Claims Drop at Northampton County

Although Northampton County is self-insured for workers' compensation claims, it hired PMA Management Corp. as its third-party administrator in 2010. At that time, 30% of the workforce had filed a claim. Costs to the County had skyrocketed from $1.8 million to $2.9 million over just two years. But in the past three years, there's been a dramatic turnaround, especially at Gracedale, the County's nursing home.

In a report to Council's Finance Committee last week, PMA reps reported that claims have dropped from a high of 595 in 2006 to just 296 last year. At Gracedale, it dropped from 368 in 2011 to just 159 last year, a 58% drop.

Over the last three years, Gracedale has led all departments with 720 workers' comp claims, followed by the jail with just 188.

In the courthouse, there were 120 workers' comp claims, mostly among Deputy Sheriffs, maintenance and custodial staff.

"No judges, eh?" asked Council member Bob Werner.


Anonymous said...

most cases of workers comp are just abuses of the system.

How many were union/non union?

Anonymous said...

Were you ever hurt on the job? would you sign a document stating that you will never collect any government sponsored check for any reason.

Silly bagger.

Bernie O'Hare said...

6:57, Since the vast majority of the jobs are union, nearly every claim is union. But that is no reflection on the union or the staff, in and of itself.

Anonymous said...

Gracedale creates more work for the legal profession than a superfund clean-up site. What a gravy train. Self righteous occupy types are always looking for a free ride.

Anonymous said...

3:19 could you preform the jobs that the employees at Gracedale preform? I doubt it. The nursing field is tough and working short staff you can get hurt. These employees work hard and deserve every benefit they get. If you think you can do better get a job there and try it. It's far from a free ride.

Peter J. Cochran said...

Years ago the Workers Comp folks from this Commonwealth of Pennsylvania started "The Governor's Safety Conference" in Hershey,Pa. Self Insured entities must meet criteria and it is a good thing to know what they teach .3rd Party providers can assist with compliance of rules. Costs go down as result. I went for the City of Easton as a safety committee member and after a steering committee ,helped places work place violence on the agenda,the number 1 reason woman DIE in the work place.That would be W/C by the way.Take heed,pay attention and go forward.

Anonymous said...

well there's your problem - too many union thugs - always looking for the quick and easy out