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Monday, June 10, 2013

Slate Belt Bridge Repairs and Detzi's

Routes 611 and 512 are closed in portions of the Slate Belt as PennDOT is embarked on long overdue bridge projects. At Thursday night's Council meeting, Scott Parsons complained that he was unable to get to Bangor High School from a meeting in Lower Mount Bethel Township. "It's gonna' get worse from what I hear," warned Bridge Superintendent Tom Kohler. He noted that Route 191 in Washington Tp, near Ackermanville, will soon be closed for bridge work, as well as a 2-year project planned for the Route 33 and 512 Interchange. "And Richmond Road is closed, too," observed Parsons.

"It doesn't affect Detzi's though," joked Council member Bob Werner, referring to a sports bar that Parsons enjoys.

"Thank you," Parsons laughed.

Council then awarded a $48,000 contract to MorganRail for new guide rails on five County bridges located in Upper Mount Bethel (Bridge #34) and Lower Mount Bethel (Bridges #41, 57, 185 and 195) Townships.

Kohler stated that, unlike the state repairs, they'll be "in and out" in a day. One lane will remain open while work is in progress.


Anonymous said...

Wait till next year, when the viaduct in Bangor will be replaced. That cluster-f**k will suck!

Anonymous said...

It's a mess up there. Good thing a Slate Belt Bypass was never constructed years back.

Anonymous said...

But your MOM always makes it to Bangor.