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Monday, August 17, 2009

LA Hoover Crip Gang Invading Easton

A disturbing email has been circulating for several weeks and has finally found its way to me. It's a warning from a Northampton County Probation Officer, although it is unofficial. If you live or work in Easton, it's cause for concern.

"I wanted to give everyone the heads up that I received information yesterday that the Hoover Crip Gang has moved into the Easton area. This is an original gang from Los Angeles. They are here for 1 of 2 reasons, the Easton drug trade is very lucrative right now or they are checking on the status of other sets in the area. They are putting a lot of pressure on the younger kids both physically and mentally to deal their drugs for them. In speaking with Wes Johnson - he believes that they have no plan on leaving as they can make A LOT OF MONEY HERE.

"I drove around Easton yesterday and found taggings of this gang along 6th and Pine Streets. The members are generally older - 18, 19, 20 years of age, wearing their pants below 'normal' with typically blue boxers and exhibiting orange flags (bandannas). Mike O and I saw 2 of them walking up Ferry Street on our way back from lunch yesterday.

"It should be noted that Easton was predominately Bloods who have controlled the area for the past few years. Some of these known Blood Members are running scared and have left the area since the Hoover's moved in. I did not find any Blood markings over the Crip tags which is a good thing - once they start tagging over - we can see an all out WAR.

"The Hoovers' typical initiation is either a drive by shooting or committing burglaries. They have been seen congregating outside of restaurant establishments, particularly [redacted] around 8 p.m. and later. Several of them were seen on Sunday during Heritage Day. They were sitting around the fountain in Center Square and finally moved when several police were in the area. They were wearing bright orange headbands (as if to say, HERE WE ARE).

"Although this gang was established in LA - the members that are migrating to Easton are typically from Orange, NJ and Newark, NJ. However, they are bringing with them the power and mentality of the Hoover Crips from LA - which is dangerous.

"I received information today that at least 2 were arrested on Walnut Street. They are usually scattered up Ferry and Walnut Street - a concerned person advised me to 'please be careful leaving work and stay away from Walnut Street, right below Ferry.' The group was out in full in Dutchtown Park yesterday. As of late, they don't really appear to have gone beyond 9th Street'.

Is this true?

I have contacted several people who have their fingers on Easton's pulse. They confirm that the Hoover Crip gang is definitely moving in, but that Easton's police are well aware of this development and are taking steps to keep things under control. One of those steps might have included informing the public.


Anonymous said...

I was in a diner in Allentown and some older people were talking about 6th and Pine and how they didn't know where that was. Now I realize they were talking about this.

Anonymous said...

Time to wake up and smell the dog s*** that has been accumulating in The Valley for a while now.

If these guys want to move into an area they will. Time to pay attention.

This email comes as no surprise at all. Even the gangs know The Valley is all about money these days. It's called grab and run.

Anonymous said...

I may just be playing devil's advocate here but don't messages like this empower these clowns?

Let them run around and get picked up by Easton's finest while we go about our day to day. No point in being scared of these kids.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I have no desire to scare people, but think it is important that people know what is going on so they can take precautions.

Anonymous said...

You all end up ignoring these individuals you will pay the price.

Watch a documentary like "The Latin Kings" and you will see something that you never thought existed.

Wake up. You all need to be aware of what is going on in your community.

Too many people waste their lives watching Hollywood propaganda on TV and in the movies. That is how they define their values.

So maybe the police can't handle it. The more they can't, the more there will be.

I just love these attitudes. Don't bother me with it, let someone else handle it.

Anonymous said...

And WTF are you going to do about Anon 11:09, yell on a blog?

The most powerful weapon you have is your porch light and the will to continue your day to day business.

Screaming fire in a crowed theater and then "being aware" as you run away does nothing but create a void for these types to operate.

Next topic.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"The most powerful weapon you have is your porch light and the will to continue your day to day business."

First, you have to be aware the problem exists. It appears that this gang's initiation rites involve burglaries. If this is true, it is different from other gangs, which more or less keep to themselves. I think the public has the right to know when this kind of activity is occurring.

Anonymous said...

How do we know they are not simply community activists showing unity through their dress?

I read lots about clothing and congregating, but no evidence of malfeasance.

I thought profiling was wrong.

Sanctifying Grace said...

Anon 12:18

I mean this with all respect, but please wake up. With all the tags (graffiti paintings); we are lucky that their stupidity and brazeness to show their colors (force) are a rude awakening for the members to become organized.

I laughed at first when The Guardian Angels came to Easton. I didn't think that organization would fly here. But now The Guardian Angels and that mentality is needed in the Valley.

Simple things like porch lights and locking your doors and windows are very helpful. But sitting on your porches may not be very smart. Until a pattern is established as to when the gang does their initation rights (possibly drive by shootings and burglarizing people), sitting on your porch may cause you to be in the crossfire or a victim.

Any place that caters to this criminal element must not be supported by loyal, tax paying, and law abiding citizens. Furthermore, anywhere there is a public phone might also attract this kind of criminal behavior.

It will take determination by the citizens to rid this element from the Valley. You will have to call the authorities on suspicious behavior, loud radios, and loitering. And you will have to appear and testify at court proceedings to what you have witnessed.

This is the first step; making the public aware. Now you have to organize and come up with some game plans. Don't lock yourselves up in your house. That feeds right into their hands. Educate the youth on the detractions that drugs, crime, and rulelessness bring. But most importantly, become active in your communities to stop this.

Peace be with you, ~~Alex

Anonymous said...

If you live in on a block in Easton that is known for drugs, violence, and prostitution you were not laughing when The Guardian Anglels showed up. These issues are not new. If you think some of these individuals are "kids" that police will easily deal with...I am speechless. I say "count your blessings" to you both. Be so happy that you enjoy the dining, art community, and Sat. Farmers market. Leave the complaining to those who really deal with it, and of coarse call police if you see anything illegal because you care about human beings, young and old, rich and poor.

Sanctifying Grace said...

I lived in Downtown Easton when I was a parole officer. I worked in the community that I lived in. When I went grocery shopping, I saw the same clientele shopping that would be in my office. I was part owner of a barber shop that was on the 1100 block of Butler Street. At least once a month there were shootings. I am all too familiar with these scenarios. The same kids that were not attended to as highly impressionable youths, didn't grow up. They are still punk kids. And cause even more problems, than in their youth, for society.

I now live in D.C. as a student trying to obtain some graduate degress. And I have to tell you, D.C. is way safer. We can walk, drive, and/or go anywhere we want to in all the areas of D.C. and have a police presence and feel safe.

The Guardian Angels came to town and for most Eastonians, it was a joke. It was a joke, because they, Eastonians, felt helpless. Some Eastonians didn't care to correct the problem. Some were scared to death. And some people just like to complain.

Now I think people are starting to get the picture, for two reasons. One, they don't want to put up with living their lives in jeopardy. They just want to live and raise a family, free of any problems. And two, politicians can't afford this headache. Money is being invested into Easton. Because of the that damn Route 78, we must take the good with the bad.

Yes, Route 78 brought a lot of good things to this area, but with it brought an easy option for the drug trade and criminal element to secure itself in our cities. To criminals, we were easy pickens.

We all need a does of reality. I went home a few weeks ago to visit my family. (By the way, my family lives in the West Ward. And their house is the only house on the block that isn't sub-divided into apartments. And most of those surrounding apartments have a lot of activity going in and out of them, day and night.) With the exception of just a few square block in downtown Easton, it appears that, nothing has really changed. I HOPE that I am proven wrong. I support and will support any effort brought forth to rid our cities of this criminal element. I have a lot of faith in the city's police force. Now the cities need the citizens to do their part. No matter how frustrating it can appear, their must not give up.

If any of you have a better game plan, let us hear about it. Let us work together.

Peace, ~~Alex

Bernie O'Hare said...

"I read lots about clothing and congregating, but no evidence of malfeasance.

I thought profiling was wrong."

Then you did not read the email I read.

1) They are putting a lot of pressure on the younger kids both physically and mentally to deal their drugs

2) I drove around Easton yesterday and found taggings of this gang along 6th and Pine Streets.

3) The Hoovers' typical initiation is either a drive by shooting or committing burglaries.

4) at least 2 were arrested on Walnut Street.

It is not how they dress, but what they do.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:40 - Go ahead dude, invite them over for dinner and talk to them. Reason with them and point out how much they can ad to the community if they would just see it your way.

I am sure you are going to make a lot of progress. Turn your porch light on. Sounds like some bad song form the sixties.

You have no idea what you are dealing with. No idea. You do not want to face the reality of the world today.

Have fun when urban Armageddon descends upon your block.

After all is said and done you can go back to sticking your head where the sun does not shine, if there is anything left after the gang bangers go home.

Check you morally superior position with reality and as you say WTF.

Anonymous said...

Finally something sensible that you are writing about!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Don't expect it to last.

eckville press said...

"If any of you have a better game plan, let us hear about it. Let us work together."

Peace, ~~Alex

Long live the second amendment!

Anonymous said...

I know that no one has any money left, but maybe what little is left might be invested in a bi-county or Valley wide anti-gang dept? GEt some skilled people from New York or Miami or LA that know what to do? All we do is move farther out into the suburbs and that's no solution.

Anonymous said...

Working as a constable and serving alot of warrants in and around Easton on a daily basis I make contact with a ton of people..most are gang members or wannabee gang members..

I can back-up what Bernie is saying....The gangs are here but IMO are not fully organized and functional YET. I have seen some of the gang members who Bernie talks about, they mostly keep to themselves but always seem to know when we (police,constables,LEOS) are around.

I also take a pro-active approach in the community when I am out serving warrants. I have many times dispersed loiters, large groups of unruly persons and those in the park who are not allowed to be there (Pursuant to Easton ordinance)every little bit helps. Working previously in the prison system for 11 years has taught me alot about gangs and how to deal with them.

IMO, the most dangerous sect which is in and around Easton is MS-13, they are very organized and will never have a problem killing to make a statement and that includes killing law enforcement without hesitation.

Those in Law Enforcement around Easton know where they are (Sorry I won't divulge at this time). We are keeping a close eye on the gangs in Easton and trust me EPD is also on top of things and alot of the new young guys are very pro active in everything.

Fred Schoenenberger
Constable, Wilson Borough

Anonymous said...

I guess the parents who have students at Easton Area High School think everything's OK. The PTSA held a FREE and open to the public gang awareness presentation last night given by a Northampton County Corrections officer and only 30 people showed up to listen. Half of those people were not parents but concerned community members. The Express Times was aware of the event and never mentioned it in the paper before or after. I'm glad to see where the priorities lie.
If you don't know the signs to watch out for you don't have a way to protect your family.

Anonymous said...

forget them i just got out of prison a few months ago and we ant letting no shit eating monkeys come to close to home... from THE BROTHER HOOD A.N.

Anonymous said...

Facts. They dont realize that some people do things for a greater good.

Anonymous said...

Høøver Criminkalk Gang E1evenk Duece #112

The newer generations have turned gang affiliation into a bad thing. Gangs were created to to protect our communities from your corrupt cop. I apologize if your media has raised these children on violence and turned what we do into "a problem". I work I have goals dreams and i go after them every single day that i wake up. We were here to teach, grow, and protect. How about teaching your youth to want more, my whole set handles themselves responsibly as a active member of society. Grøøvink ti112 the wør112d støp. Knowledge is power, ignorance is bliss. All I want is unity!!