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Monday, August 03, 2009

The First Lady's Children's Crusade

Blogger Michael Molovinsky, falsely referred to as a slum lord by King Edwin, is one of the heathens who dares oppose King Edwin's vision of a super playground - one that can accommodate 567 kids at one time - at Allentown's Cedar Beach. Most City Council members, to say nothing of the public, had no idea of the grandiosity of these plans. On two separate occasions, people who live near Cedar Beach have told Council this is too much.

For his part, Pawlowski has refused to meet his critics, preferring instead to sneak a peak through a doorway. City Council member Michael Donovan is planning an ordinance to stop park renovations and would require a redesign with more public notice than taping a plan outside council's meeting room.

Enter Allentown First Lady Lisa Pawlowski. For those of you who don't know, she's a devoted "Christian." After all, her husband went to bible college, damn it. Like most people who wear their religion on their sleeve, she has a low tolerance level for any beliefs contrary to her own. She's calling on the little people - that's you - to bring your kids and signs to the next city council meeting, who "play well for any media," to demand that 567-kid destination playground. She won't be there herself. Vacation. In case you've forgotten, the Epistle of Lisa ends with "I also happen to be the Mayor's wife." You can and really should read her condescending letter, located here.

Scott Armstrong, who publishes the Allentown Commentator, has a first draft of Queen Lisa's missive.


Recently an angel of the Lord appeared to me in a dream and spoke of the new Allentown. A city that is set on a hill that cannot be hidden, that will be the light of the world. A shining city on the hill with a new mega-playground. Peace filled my soul as the angel spoke of the Trexler Trust's wish to fund the construction of a gathering place for all of the shining city's children. Of course the angel said it must be handicapped accessible and placed in an area where all will be able to witness the joy and innocence of the children's play. Therefore, as commanded by the angel I am writing you to drum up support for a playground at Cedar Beach Park . If you have already been visited by the angel then you already know but incase you were left out of the loop let me tell you there are already plans for a big, destination playground on the West end of Cedar Beach, just south of the Pool. These plans have been in progress for the last couple of years. Now that they want to move forward, a group of about 20 men (agents of the devil?) have approached Allentown City Council to protest this park. I have no real idea why there is darkness in their hearts but clearly evil is about. Perhaps they are saying it will bring too much noise to people enjoying the park. Well, we already have a pool, basketball and volleyball courts, and they don't seem to protest that. Why? I think the answer is clear, they are agents of Satan and are out to thwart the will of God and my husband.

Anyway, I'm trying to organize different groups of interested people of pure hearts to perhaps attend the next City Council meeting, Aug 5th, to say that they would like a playground to be at Cedar Beach . Remember this is a battle between good and evil. I won't be able to be there (because of vacation plans), but I'd suggest bringing kids, and signs that say "We need a playground at Cedar Beach ".

At minimum, you could direct your members that are on facebook to join my group "Yes, we need a big playground at Cedar Beach Park ". I will have someone bring the list of members of this group to city council, though having people there is MUCH more effective. And kids and signs play well for any media that would be there. If City Council members know that there is a LOT of support for this playground, they won't get in the way and evil will be vanquished.

Send a message directly to Satan. Direct your flock to join my fb group. Post the group on your networks and invite other people to join, and let me know what you decide to do. I am a mother of 2 kids (10 and 7 ), and always wished that there were more playgrounds in our wonderful park system. I also happen to be the Mayor's wife. The children are to be the vehicle of the new shining city on the hill, the one with the mega playground. Let's use them.



michael molovinsky said...
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michael molovinsky said...

the playground is but one link in a chain of bad plans for Allentown's Cedar Creek Park. other bad links are a wedding pavilion in the rose garden, and the paving and lighting of the rose garden side jogging path . although brides being photographed is a time honored tradition in the garden, actual weddings is a different story. the amount of cleanup, distraction from the real role of appreciating the flowers, and parking will stress that icon beyond it's historic role. why light and pave the walkway? because when the playground and it's required parking are built on the east side of ott street, mayfair and other venues will be expanded over into the rose garden side. ironically, a master plan done in 2005 recommended less usage of cedar Creek park, not more. how presumptuous of a new mayor, and a newer park director, to think they have a mandate to re-design our time honored park system.

i deleted the first comment because of typo's

Anonymous said...

So much for the separation of church and state.
Is she for real?

LVCI said...

If it's any consolation, currently Lisa only has 3 members who actually signed up for this cause on her Facebook page.

Anonymous said...

What is the office address and phone number she refers to in the letter? Is that the Mayor's office or does she have an official role and title?

Anonymous said...

Will somebody please address APD's chalk shortage?

The volume of body outlines has depleted the chalk supply.

Oh yeah, let's talk about parks, too. An angel of the Lord told me to ignore the body count and pretend Allentown isn't a violent cesspool where its leaders are big on cake and circuses; not so much on solving actual problems.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"What is the office address and phone number she refers to in the letter?"

Actually, that is home address and I do not feel comfortable publishing that or her phone number, even though she has no qualms about it herself.

Anonymous said...

Pawlowski has been at Allentown city hall more than 7 years. During his entire tenure, why hasn't he and his dear wife corrected handicap lacking playground equipment in city's current playgrounds? This is a distraction from Pawlowski's neglect. Some would be embarrassed. Is he?

Anonymous said...

That answers my question. I didn't know if she had an official position or title, other than being the Mayor's wife. I think it's always dangerous when a politican's wife or husband gets involved in politics without running for something themselves. People elected her husband, not her, and people tend to resent that kind of influence. It's also usually a bad idea to tell people to do something that you are not planning to do yourself (like attend or protest at a meeting) even if you have a good excuse like you're on vacation. She's treading on dangerous ground. Lastly, I am fearful and suspicious of anyone, Dem or Rep, who proudly proclaims dedication to religious principles. Nowadays, that only suggests corruption and unethical behavior in my opinion. It's best that religious fervor kept secret if you're in the public eye for fear of damaging your reputation.

Anonymous said...

Dear 10:38.
But you forget the Clintons.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"If it's any consolation, currently Lisa only has 3 members who actually signed up for this cause on her Facebook page."

Actually, there are 90 members. They include non-city politicos like anonymous robocaller Rob Hopkins, Dem party boss Rick Dougherty, Dem talk radio's Stephen Crockett (who lives somewhere in Maryland), former Dem party treasurwer Jake Oberholtzer, Allentown city council members Peter Schweyer & Julio Guridy, Pawlowski campaign manager and Easton resident Mike Fleck, LC Comm'r wannabe (and Bethlehem resident) Hillary Kwiatek and Allentown Brew Works crony Richard Fegley.

Anonymous said...

We too thought Lisa should attend meeting. If she can't take time from her vacation for a worthy cause, why should others?

Anonymous said...

Hey Bernie,
What ever happened with the Fegley's gold (opps) golf course club house liquor license violation. Did they ever get it back? Since we're on topic of golf and Fegleys, thought we'd ask. A little stretch, we know, but you're adorable.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I covered the Fegleys' failure to open in time as called for under its contract w/ the city, which was incredibly blamed on the city. I did not cover their failure to bother to get a liquor license. Perhaps you can shed some light on that situation.

Anonymous said...

Will Rose Garden wedding gazebo, a fee-based proposition, require a zoning variance? Won't it be a change of the term "use."

Anonymous said...

Bet Pawlowski's Rose Garden will be artists venue during Mayfair. Buy and Sell. Art wares will dot the roses with dangled price tags, litter and for good measure, a little dog poop.

Anonymous said...

Bernie's 10:24 post: Absolutely. Never post anyone's phone no. even if they do it themselves.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:42: There is a difference. First Lady is an official position and has an office and a staff. It is expected that the First Lady will push an agenda (either of her own or in support of the President's agenda). Nancy Reagan pushed her literacy programs. Laura Bush had an education minded agenda.
Last time I checked, the First Lady of Allentown was not an official position.

Anonymous said...

I do remember the Clintons and it was disastorous for them when Hillary struck out on her own pushing legislation and getting involved in policy as First Lady. Eventually, it stopped and Hillary started holding Easter Egg hunts and sewing circles. When Hillary came back in her sequel as Senator, then it was different of course and it was Bill's time to shut up, which he pretty much has done with a few exceptions alloted him as ex-president. It's true that tradition sets the tone that first ladies and future first husbands have a "cause" like literacy, drugs, or veterans like the current First Lady - however no FIrst Lady ever urged American citizens to mobilize or lobby Congress on behalf of her cause, rather First Lady's movements have been more like charity causes and usually causes that no one could ever find controversial. Who doesn't support literacy or veterans? First families are extensions of the politician and need to be careful.

LVCI said...

Bernie O'Hare said... Actually, there are 90 members

She has now privatized her account.. It was not privatized earlier this morning.

I was referring to the actual forum members that she solicited to sign into. There were only 4 or 5 comments and 3 members.

She must read your blog! :-)

LVCI said...

Anonymous said... Hey Bernie, What ever happened with the Fegley's gold (opps) golf course club house liquor license

The official transfer has taken place from Mr. Stanley's license to MARGUERITA K FEGLEY as of July 20th

Anonymous said...

Well as a long term resident of Allentown who shares the burden of its lofty property taxes I believe I have a right to weigh in on this "controversy". I think that the Cedar Beach playground is a GREAT idea. It will be a state-of-the-art facility to be enjoyed by families from all over Allentown and the neighboring communities. It will create no greater disturbance than the cheers and sometimes adult language that occurs during outdoor basketball and beach volleyball games, or shrieks from kids playing in the pool. The oppositions arguments against it are weak. This seems more like BO's typical rant against anything Pawlowski does, good or bad. That being said, Lisa's letter is condescending in a different way. She uses the condescending term "handicapped" throughout her appeal letter. You would think that a woman as educated as she is, with any kind of political savvy would know this. She has insulted the minority group she is trying to advocate for- children with disabilities. That level of insensitivity doesn't help her cause.

Anonymous said...

Someone wrote: "She (Lisa Pawlowski) has now privatized her account.. It was not privatized earlier this morning."

Maybe she'll cancel her vacation.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"This seems more like BO's typical rant against anything Pawlowski does, good or bad."

Actually, I waited some time before weighing in on this issue. I like the idea of a playground, especially a handicapped-acessible playground. Who the hell would be against that? Also, I visited Cedar Beach regularly this summer to watch my grandson play basketball, and know it is a great resource for downtown residents.

But as I read more and more about this issue, the following became very apparent: 1) No one had any idea that it was going to be this large, and that will have a deleterious impact on other aspects of the park; 2) The public was poorly informed about the project; and 3) city council itself was kept in the dark.

On top of those concerns, there is some suggestion that this is part of a plan that perverts the park from its original purposes, although that is an argument for others.

I was astonished by the condescending tone in Lisa Pawlowski's letter, which clearly seeks to use handicapped, children and even plays some sort of gender card.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I didn't see anything about church or religion in her letter. why are you even commenting on religion? She isn't. You people are pathetic.

Bernie O'Hare said...


Pawlowski's account may be private, but the group itself is open.


There are currently 91 members, most of whom are politicos, cronies and non-residents.

Anonymous said...

The nerve of this woman. She should stay home and raise her children. She should move back to Chicago.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"I didn't see anything about church or religion in her letter."

Lisa P is well known for her evangelical religious views, which have even included the occasional anti-Catholic shot. Armstrong's shot is fair and one I'd make myself.

Anonymous said...

One is more likely to read an anti-Catholic shot here. Self-hating Catholics make the best anti-Catholics. It's a Jesuit thing.

Bernie O'Hare said...

There is a considerable difference between legitimate criticism of Catholic church teaching, which often does come from the Jesuits, and actual disdain for Catholics, which often comes from fundamentalists.

Jacob said...


My brother is autistic, and I grew up around the Special Olympics and Challenger baseball league as my brother was a participant.

You say handicapped accessible playground I'm sold on the idea.

I'm also a sinner and a Christian. Something about how you treat the least amongst us.

Former Democratic Party Treasurer

Jake Oberholtzer

The Atheist said...

Maybe it's a personal prejudice of mine after so many personal experiences as well as stories in the news, but it's sad that when I hear of someone who is a fervent Catholic, Born Again, Mormon, or whatever, I immediately assume that something is wrong. As in, why are they so religious? closet homosexual? infidelity? drugs? embezzlement? they beat their wife or husband? I had a Mormon boss recently who wouldn't eat chocolate or drink coffee because God hated caffeine and wouldn't hear of leaving his wife who he hated because they will share a planet alone for eternity. So he beat her every night until the cops had to intervene.

By the way, not just fundamentalists are anti-Catholic. I grew up in a religiously moderate German American Lutheran Church in the Lehigh Valley where it was pounded into my head in SUnday School since age 6 that all Catholics were going to burn in hell for worshipping statues and the Pope. But you Catholics aren't alone. Jews, Muslims, and Democrats are all burning too. Basically everyone burns except German American Luthern Republicans. How bleak must heaven be if that's true.

Anonymous said...

"I grew up in a religiously moderate German American Lutheran Church in the Lehigh Valley where it was pounded into my head in SUnday School since age 6 that all Catholics were going to burn in hell for worshipping statues and the Pope. But you Catholics aren't alone. Jews, Muslims, and Democrats are all burning too. Basically everyone burns except German American Luthern Republicans. How bleak must heaven be if that's true."

best comment of the last 30 days, by far.

Bernie O'Hare said...


Bernie O'Hare said...

Jacob, The least among us should probably include Allentown citizens offended at the notion of some kind of megopolis playground, especially when it is obvious they had little say in what was decided. The fact that your brother is autistic is good reason to endorse a handicapped accessible playground, and I'd share yor enthusiasm for that. So will just about everyone. What is troublesome, as has been pointed out repeatedly, is the scale of this project. It also appears that city council was denied the right to act as a chek and balance on an over-reaching county executive.

Now go and sin no more.

Jacob said...


I let the pros on City Council and in the Mayor's office debate/ decide where in the park and the scope of the play ground.

I know this however, a play ground that tolerates children with physical limitations will tolerate children with mental limitations.

I recommend the movie The Black Balloon which is playing at the civic theater right now. Most realistic film I've seen on a family with a child with autism.

I believe that a playground where disabled children are accommodated is something everyone should be able to rally around and I'm happy I live in a community where people with disabilities are being thought of in the construction of such projects. I don't really see the NIMBY attitude for a park that has equipment for the disabled.

I do take objection to attacking Lisa or anyone else on their faith. Lisa has always been nothing but nice and gracious to me from her days working in the Obama campaign office during the primary campaign till today when we see each other at events.


Bernie O'Hare said...


1) If you are letting the pros handle this, then there would be no reason for you to have signed on to the facebook group as you did. Instead of letting the people get involved, you are promoting Pawlowski's agenda, no matter how mistaken it may be.

2) Unlike you, I do tend to resent people who wear their religion on a sleeve. i find them to be the most intolerant among all Christians, and I am well aware that Lisa P has previosuly made some anti-Catholic remarks to someone who she did not know was Catholic at the time.

Anonymous said...

Anti-Catholicism is a socially acceptable bigotry in most precincts. It's refreshing to see a left-leaner with Catholic upbringing do the unpopular thing and defend the faith in light of this. Fundamentalists come in all stripes and are equally troubling. This country's mainstream religious tradition is one of tolerance based upon the reason European Christians came here in the first place. I'm not afraid of freedom of religion or atheists or agnostics. I'm afraid of freedom from religion or atheism or agnosticism. I'm also afraid of all fundamentalists.

monkey momma said...

Wow, so if you're against this park, you're basically admitting to being a racist, KKK-loving, handicapped-hating, anti-Catholic old MAN. I mean, why else would you oppose a gigantic piece of plastic costing $2 mil in the middle of a beautiful park?

The city of Allentown can ill afford this "fix" for what clearly isn't broken. Cedar Beach is already beautiful. Now we're going to dump thousands of pounds of plastic and trash in the middle of it? Ummm...that's nuts. There's about 2 million other ways to spend General Trexler's money besides this particular plan.

And I can't wait to read in a year how much this park is costing the taxpayer of Allentown. Believe me, there's no such thing as a free lunch, and this project has LIABILITY all over it, in more ways than one.

This is a dangerous overexpenditure of scarce dollars that the city cannot afford to waste. It seems to me the Trexler Trust is just another line item on the city's budget. I'm sad to see them blow it on such an ridiculously overblown idea.

LVCI said...

I realize there are some very concerned people who desire a play area for children with physical limitations. I mean this in the most sincere way possible.. can any of you please tell me specifically what equipment was bought or it's layout? Is this something your particular child will actually be able to use? I lack the details. If just one someone could find the layout plans or the equipment list, I'd grateful.

It's nice to take this on faith, but throwing one's full support for or against something without knowing the details may end up disappointing more then a few parents & their kids.

I've asked this same question for days and on many places and no one seems to actually know exactly what the playground is exactly.

Anonymous said...

The handicapped issue is completely specious .Allentown’s current playgrounds should be made to accommodate the handicapped. We need not create a new mega-playground to achieve the goal of accessibility.

By the way Jacob, don’t trust that the “pros”/elected officials will do the right thing. Trust should never be employed by those who seek good government.
Scott Armstrong

michael molovinsky said...

the carbon lehigh intermediate group 21, which handles most of the special need classes for our school district, is planning such a playground to be called "Kids Corral" i spoke to the manager of that project and he was amazed that allentown would want to take on the expectations and liabilities involved with a destination for special needs. it will require an enormous amount of expertise, maintenance and supervision. the playground is suppose to have it's own restroom and changing room. It better be much cleaner than any bathroom has ever been in recent park history. let's be realistic, the trash is still on the picnic tables from this past weekend.

Anonymous said...

those are center pieces.

Allentown democrat voter

Bernie O'Hare said...

I don't really see the NIMBY attitude for a park"

This one went right by me. I tend to read too fast. This is incredible.

I have been personally tagged by no less a person than Hizzoner himself for sticking my nose in A-town's buisness. He claimed I live in the boonies of Northampton County. MM, when he complains, is tagged as a nonresident. I believe Monkey Mama has been similarly slammed, although I'm not as sure about that.

When People who DO live in A-town complain, and are IMMEDIATELY affected by something that is being planned, they are called NIMBYs.

Basically, Pawlowski should listen to no one except his campaign contributors, right?

The NIMBY argument has no application here. There are important principles that go beyond what isd happening in a given neighborhood. They include the public's and city council's right to be notified of major changes to Allentown's park system, a precious natural resource.

Anonymous said...

State-of-the-art. Seriously you all need to get your psychiatric meds checked.

This is a lie. In today's technological environment the moment they order it, it is out of date.

This is a dinosaur, like the trustees of the Trexler Trust, before it begins.

I don't think Longwood Gardens will be coming up to the area any time soon to admire this abortive attempt at recreational relevance.

But being what it is that is not the issue anymore.

It is really all about how terrible all these people are who oppose the park.

They have been marked for life.

They qualify for the lowliest of the low punishment that can be meted out by the Mayors special friends in the L*** Church legion.

Onward Christian soldiers marching on to the Cedar Beach wars. Achtung Generalette Palowski.

Jacob said...


I'll 100% agree with you on making all playgrounds accessible to handicap children.


The residents near the park, like residents in all communities have the right to protest.

I may not be a resident but I live literally a stone throws from that park. I actually had taken my brother there and to Trexler, and the fish hatchery at times.

If I had a time machine I believe myself and my parents would have loved a playground there. I'm sure there is a way to raise revenue from non-city residents for the use of the playground.

I do trust my public officials once elected, if they make too many mistakes or do things that annoy me they answer for it in the next election by having me campaign for their opponent.


Jacob said...


BTW, when I say I'm a Christian, I always preface it with I'm a sinner as well. Faith is a beautiful thing, however just because I am of a particular faith doesn't make me a better person. It only means that I have hope that my human fallacies our overcome by a higher power.

My father used to tell me all people are hypocrites and he accounted himself in that category as well.

I just pray that the good I do in the world outweighs my human failings that cause harm in the world.

Anonymous said...

576 kids isn't a playground, that's a borough.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Javb, Ironically, the best Christians I know are usually Jewish. But I respect you and believe you when you say you try your best to be a good person.

Anonymous said...

“I do trust my public officials once elected, if they make too many mistakes or do things that annoy me they answer for it in the next election by having me campaign for their opponent.”


Trust is something you should invest in a spouse or friend, you might even want to place it in a higher authority but never give it to a politician.

Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...

The best Christians I know are usually atheists.

Anonymous said...

Once again Allentowns First Twit Scott A. is his usual unfunney self.

Anonymous said...

I met her a few years back. She was somewhat hot. I could not believe she was married to the Penguin. Qak, Qak!