Monday, February 21, 2011

Norco's Campaign Finance Reports To Go Online?

That's what Voting Registrar Dee Rumsey claims, possibly as soon as this week. According to her, there will be online links to every campaign finance report filed in her office for the numerous municipal offices up for grabs this year.

I'm unsure exactly how this has happened. Executive John Stoffa has been considering this move for several years, but I'm unaware he's actually issued any orders. According to Rumsey, she got her instructions from her solicitor, Chris Spadoni.

Northampton County Council actually killed all thoughts of campaign finance reform in 2008. Then Council member Charles Dertinger worried that some "little citizen group" might actually get together and challenge campaign finances, keeping a candidate in court instead of letting him campaign. "This is over the top," he concluded.

Lehigh County Commissioners decided, in May '09, to post campaign finance reports online. (They can be viewed here).


Anonymous said...

Spadoni said NorCo would be putting the reports online at the last Bethlehem City council meeting. He apparently talked to Rumsey about Bethlehem's posting of reports online. And she was surprised that Norco did not have them online.

Anonymous said...

Big deal. Expense reports on line. Any attempt to contest will meet with failure. No teeth in the law. Too many good buddies in the court house.

Anonymous said...

Bo can you list the reports for Northampton county.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I will do so this year, unless they really are posted by the elections office, in which case I'll link to it. I did it once before.