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Monday, March 12, 2018

Troll Warning

As regular readers of this blog know, I attract a lot of cRaZies. I'd say these are just jealous people, but it's probably because I'm a little touched myself  Over the weekend, I imposed comment moderation and refused to permit anonymous comments. There's a fellow who comes on this blog regularly, particularly after he's had a few, to attack a local judge. He also attacks the family members of this judge. He's an ugly man who regularly insults the judge with ethnic slurs. Why he uses my blog to do this is a mystery Though he never signs his comments, I know who he is. I am in the process of doing something about him. In the meantime, I refuse to prevent others from commenting on issues as they see fit. If you see something that looks like it is from him or another troll, just ignore it.I will delete the comment promptly. 


PWRBTTM said...

Out the troll O'Hare!

Anonymous said...

Bernie, yesterday I had looked at the silloette of the troll monster and than looked at my shadow. Damm the sight scared me as my shadow was identical.

Anonymous said...

One mans troll is another man's Shrek.