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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

State Trooper Caused Upper Mount Bethel Explosions

Sunday night, March 18. Ron Angle, Emperor of the Slate Belt, had just retired for the evening. He was drifting off to sleep, counting dollar bills in his head. Suddenly, a loud explosion shook the very ground beneath him and dumped him out of bed. He immediately sprang into DEFCON 1, releasing his hounds and activating his search lights while he descended into his underground lair. As the explosions continued, he began to worry that the "No Sludge" faction of the Township (about 95%) had finally hired a SEAL team to terminate him with extreme prejudice. Explosions continued, rattling his windows and knocking a portrait of him to the ground. But then, as suddenly as they began, they stopped.

It was no attack. It was no earthquake. Nor did I cause this by tripping and falling to the ground. The culprits responsible? Slate Belt residents. The explosions broke some windows and were heard as far away as Hackettstown.

Now if you live in Bethlehem or Allentown, you might occasionally buy sparklers and light them up at night. More adventurous souls will buy firecrackers and set them off on July 4.

But in the Slate Belt, where even the women are men, they would just laugh at you. They like to see things blowed up. Blowed up real good.

There are now about 30 different versions of what happened. First it was a gun range in Portland, then it was a gun range in Upper Mount Bethel, even though the Township has no gun range. Let me give you the skinny.

There's a bunch of guys in the Slate Belt who have a love affair with Tannerite. That's a binary explosive that comes in two packages. One is ammonium nitrate. The other is aluminum powder. By themselves, they are perfectly safe. But if you mix the two and then shoot at the mixture, it blows up.It blows up real good.

While most Slate Belt residents watch NASCAR on Sunday afternoons, these guys blow things up. Usually it's one or two pounds. On March 20, it was 30 pounds that went KABOOM!

The chief suspect, believe it or not, was a blind kid. He may not see what he's shooting, but he can hear it. He's out there all the time, blowing things up. But he was crossed off the list because he had a pretty good alibi. He was at Disney World.

So who was it?

Angry residents poured into Upper Mount Bethel's meeting room on Monday night, looking for answers.  Chair John Bermingham would only say it was under investigation. But Supervisors knew. The bomber admitted what had happened the next day to Rick Fisher, the Township Manager.

"It will never happen again," he promised.

If you were amazed that a blind kid likes to blow things up,you'll be even more amazed to learn the culprit is actually a Pennsylvania State Trooper. He's stationed at Troop M in Belfast, and lives on a 77-acre tract in the township, very close to the Delaware River.

Before naming this Trooper, I have reached out to him, and am waiting for his call.

Township officials are exploring a violation of the Township's noise ordinance. But without a decibel meter, that's impossible to prove.

What we're really talking about here are some possible crimes. It is a felony to risk a catastrophe via exploding devices. It is also a felony to intentionally cause an explosion that damages the property of other people. Shattering windows would qualify. This also resulted in a large volume of 911 calls.

Ironically, Pennsylvania State Police has told a local newspaper that it has "no information" concerning the explosions. Figures. One of their own is the person responsible for them.

This is precisely why DA John Morganelli has previously said that the state police should never investigate themselves.


Anonymous said...

What? Look we all know cops can get their hands on stuff we aren't supposed to own but that? Aren't those restricted items that you just can't go to your local hardware store and buy?
How the Hell did the guy get his hands on them?

As to the cover-up by the Twp. and the Stateses, that is par for the course. If you think they slid it under the rug wait till JC does his police bad behavior disappearing act.

Bernie O'Hare said...

These are completely legal to own, but may not be transported w/o an ATF permit.

Anonymous said...

Cop or no cop, dangerous shit to play around with.

Anonymous said...

I saw a FB share where a cop posted that in celebration of thebmarches in DC, he went out and purchased an AR15. Should that be viewed as a threat? What if a student posted these same words? Would PSP show up at their house?

Anonymous said...

So because he is a state cop he gets a pass and is allowed to risk a catastrophe to those within 20 miles? Total BS! Three blasts went off. Upper Mt Bethel has ling history when it had police of not doing the right thing. The "voice if the people" won't say who turned the 20 mile area upside down because of libility after the man admitted to fisher he did it? This is the PSP you want as a neighbor and to protect us? Officials that cower and hide when wrong has been done look the other way? Sad and Sick!

Anonymous said...

I think this State Trooper has some serious mental questions to be answered. How can this man be a Trooper getting his jollies terrorizing the area? This man should NOT be Trooper

Anonymous said...

This is nonsense and WRONG Bernie! Here folks don't rely on the crooked township that lets someone get away with blowing the region up. So call or write these folks: PA State Police. Bureau of Integrity & Professional Standards 7820 Allentown Blvd. 2nd Floor. Harrisburg, PA 17112. Or give them a phone call at 717-657-4200. Since the crooked township officials want to look the other way these folks will see the Upper Mt Bethel Bomber is not gonna be wearing a PSP uniform and what is he gonna blast or blow up next and prove he is not fit to wear that uniform. My grandkids and horses can't take that again.

Anonymous said...

Members of the State Police refer to the unit as BPR. They investigate acts that bring questions of Integrity and professionalism if members. Give them a call I just did. 717-657-4200

Anonymous said...

Big deal. Its not illegal, as you can buy exploding targets on Amazon, he was off duty, on his own property, during daylight hours. I doubtthat any windows were broken....theres bigger things in the world going on right now

Bernie O'Hare said...

"I saw a FB share where a cop posted that in celebration of thebmarches in DC, he went out and purchased an AR15. Should that be viewed as a threat?"

Why is that even remotely construed as a threat? I don't understand why you even bring it up in this context.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Big deal. Its not illegal, as you can buy exploding targets on Amazon, he was off duty, on his own property, during daylight hours. I doubtthat any windows were broken....theres bigger things in the world going on right now"

Several people did report broken windows. The names of some are on F/B posts to John Bermingham, the Supervisor. So this did not just create a riskof causing damage, it actually did damage other people's property. It also did create a risk of catastrophe. The 911 lines in NC and Warren County were flooded after this incident, showing that people were scared. The trooper's conduct is borderline criminal. And he is not above the law.

LVCI said...

"Big deal. Its not illegal...
What hasn't been brought up is how this panics farm animals Besides possibly injuring themselves I wouldn't want to be in the same area as a bunch of spooked cows or horses. Seriously--July 4th is also a problem for area farmers with livestock.

Anonymous said...

So let me get this right? The Twp who was gonna bring those responsible to justice now even asking folks for the damages and inviting us to meeting now back pedals and wont say who it is because they are a State Trooper?

Talk about ethics and integrity- UMBT Officials you have none! Why hasn't this man had a complaint filed against him with the very State Police that protects us? Because he is protected and can do what he wants to his neighbors within 15 miles of here?

The "Voice of the People" cannot tel us because he is a "somebody"? After the Twp went on FB and elsewhere to say they would do something and asked for us to come to a meeting only to hear we wont say because its a "buddy" of one of the Supervisor's?

A man because he is a State Trooper can roll us onto the floors of our homes?... scare our animals and farm animals and scare the bejesus out of our kids on a Sunday night? This is NOT the first time this has happened. The blasts have been going on for a LONGTIME off and on!

The Township Supervisor's suck as you protect someone because they are a State Trooper?

All that chaos and nothing gets done to this creep? I live by him and its been going on and now the whole area saw what its been like for real and you back off big time.Thank you to whoever gave that number 717-657-4200 because they ARE interested in what one the Troopers do off time as this is a VERY serious FLAW in judgement.....Whether your blowing up things, bombing them or burning things.. you have some serious things going on in your head!

This clown does not belong in the STATE POLICE! And the Supervisors are frauds and cowards!

Anonymous said...

911 switchboards in two states lit up with calls and law enforcement regionally all getting calls of explosions and now it comes out its a State Policeman and nothing gets done?
UMBT "Stupidvisors" refuse to name the individual because he is a Trooper? The hoopla of we will get to the bottom of this and take action- all a ruse and lie.... a circus act!

The UMBT Supervisors have been "exposed" by their actions as exactly what they are- shady, sleezy and cowards with its Board chair being the original circus master. John, as circus master We are now seeing what type of clown you are and your cover of the " concerned voice of the people of UMBT has been exposed". Your a fraud and showboat!

Will the real slim shady stand up?

Anonymous said...

Welcome to 2018, where every single little thing, has to be blown out of proportion and is a major issue, for at least a week until another news story comes along.

Anonymous said...

It was not blown out of proportion at all- LOTS of complaints to those in charge in several area's. Also? How about you come and see what it does to farm animals when these goofies are blowing things up.

Only an Idiot would think its no big deal-

Anonymous said...

717-657-4200 Call this number and let them know your disgust with this Trooper's Actions!

We as a community can see that the UMBT Bomber's days of getting away with chaos are OVER!

CALL 717-657-4200 and let them know you want the blowing up behavior of their State Trooper to be INVESTIGATED and action taken. This is NOT NORMAL of a sworn member of the PA State POLICE!

Hundreds of complaints in TWO STATES, property damage and people scared is not tolerated regardless of who you are and especially from someone sworn to protect us!

Anonymous said...

Was this fine young officer honning his skill set of terrorization. Than there is the question of were was this skill set of explosion pyrotecniqs perfected that no charges will be brought?

Anonymous said...

These people complaining should move back where they came from, go back to Jersey or NY, this is our stomping ground and we're going to do what we please.And charges for what? it's a completely legal target, what's next ? Outlawing fireworks! People can't even handle not having power for a week! Wait till something major happens ur going to want these "local hillbilly s" on your side! I have a farm none of my animals were scared, this is a rural country community if u don't like it get out!

Rickie Mueller said...

Why is everyone commenting "Anonymous?" To start I also live in UMBT, have farm animals and children. I also DO NOT set off explosives or completely agree with it being 100% LEGAL. As far as officials "protecting" him, cop or not until he is actually charged with something unlawful I don't believe you can give his name. Wouldn't that be a form of defamation of character? After all, none of you are willing to use your names. My personal opinion (that clearly we are all entitled to) is that this is exactly who I want as PSP in this township. We obviously already have enough cookie cutter houses in developments filled with people who feed their children with foodstamps/EBT cards, take advantage of free or reduced price school lunches, take them to the Dr with free healthcare or CHIP benefits and can't even afford to furnish these ridiculous homes. Please... get a job, a life or at least learn how to use spell check!
Rickie Mueller

Anonymous said...

Stickie Rickie.....thank you for blessing us with your wisdom. It is toothless

jh4 said...

I think the article is hilarious! The misrepresentations and cover-ups by government officials are repugnant, however.

Anonymous said...

So to whomever wrote this a big "pound sand" to you!!! But I guess that's the only type of comment from a women who is practically a man since I'm from the slate belt and enjoy seeing things " blowed up real good" and I love that the main story comes from Ron Angle "emperor of the slate belt" haha. Honestly starting out like that I thought for sure this whole story was gonna be a spoof. With a man like him being talked about in this manner you really need to question the validity of the rest of it

Ucrybabies said...

Bunch of wining sniveling CRYBABIES!!!

Anonymous said...

If it's ok for a paper trooper to do this, then why isn't it for everyone? Point is that he's subject to the same laws we all are...

Anonymous said...

He didn't break any laws moron

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely ridiculous. You are alll out of your minds. I live less than a half a mile away from where this “huge” explosion took place and I don’t think it was anything out of the ordinary. You see I have lived in upper mount bethel since birth and am used to people shooting and blowing things up. If it’s on their own property and it’s legal... which tanerite is, there’s nothing wrong with it at all. A half mile away my windows didn’t shatter, my animals didn’t freak out. It was just another day of somebody having fun and I was not bothered.

So you people claiming your windows were shattered? I’d love to see the proof because I promise you that is a 100% lie.

Mr. O’Hare... why don’t you get a real job that contributes to society instead of making a big deal about nothing and blowing things out of proportion. You are from Nazareth and I promise I do not care what takes place in your neighborhood so please leave mine alone. Don’t come to our township meetings because you are not a resident of this township and we do not want you here. As for the township residents who have complained, my thought process is that you all have moved here from New York and New Jersey. That’s obvious because people have been blowing stuff up and shooting in this township, on their own property, my entire 28 years on this earth so if you don’t like it I’m sorry. You can move out but if you wanna live in the country your gonna have to get used to it because that’s the way it’s always been and your the ones who decided to move here. Believe me I won’t complain about what you do on your own land.

Finally, you guys are making a big deal because the guy is allegedly a trooper? Who cares? He did nothing illegal and also admitted to it when he did not have to. That shows that he does have the character to be a law enforcement officer. As a state trooper the guy knew the township could never track down who made a big boom that was heard everywhere but he admitted it to calm everyone down. As for the Pennsylvania crime code statues 3302 of “causing or risking a castrophe”... give me a break. Like I said, I live a half a mile away and my windows are fine, my animals are fine and what was done was perfectly legal. Your case would be so weak it wouldn’t even qualify as circumstantial. The guy already said, as a COURTESY, he wouldn’t do it again because we could all blow up tanerite everyday and be fine. This is America, your windows aren’t shattered, your little baby dogs are fine, your fine, your feelings may be hurt but if your not from Mt. Bethel you have no say. If you moved here, welcome to Pennsylvania and if your from here and have lived here... sorry but it’s not your business as this “alleged” activity took place somewhere other than your property so you have no say. The world is falling apart and you guys are worried about a big boom that was no louder than a firework. I’m disappointed in myself for indulging in this conversation but you all need to just relax and focus on what’s actually important in life honestly

Anonymous said...

Oh so it is legal and ok for everyone to do this? That’s wierd...makes you wonder if it wouldn’t be as big a deal if it wasn’t a trooper huh