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Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Lance Colondo Warned Me Not to Post This Picture

So there I was, minding my own business at Nazareth Boro Council's Monday night meeting. Though I had considered unloading on them again, I had already made my points on Thursday night. A repeat would be overkill. Besides, I usually prefer to listen. Just as the meeting was about to end, Council member Lance Colondo decided to excoriate a citizen.

That citizen would be me.

He basically called me out for dishonesty because I posted a picture of him, with my own face superimposed, containing the caption, "Lance Colono with his favorite blogger."

According to Colono he had received numerous emails and calls from my readers and "supporters" taking him to task. He never named these readers, most likely because none are that stupid.

Anyone who read my blog and looked at that picture would know I was having a little fun. As I explained to the good ol' boys when they finally allowed me to respond, I have every right in the world to lampoon  government officials. The more thin-skinned, the better.

I referred Lance and the rest of Council to this strange document called the "Bill of Rights." The very first one if them, called the First Amendment, gives me the right to do exactly what I did, especially to a Facebook picture that he posted for the world to see. I suggested he read it. It's not that long and contains no big words.

Je suis Bernie.

I didn't get into the fair use doctrine, which I suspect he would not understand.

I considered going with this undoctored photo, also from his Facebook page.

Blackface zombie! Very PC. Nothing like that to give the impression Nazareth is free of bias.

But I opted in favor of the kinder, gentler, photo, even though it took some work on my part to get my mug in there.

While Colondo was essentially calling me dishonest, he neglected to mention this other undoctored photo from his Facebook page, in which he brags about an expensive Christmas present from a friend in the local Chamber of Commerce.

He explained that was a gift from a friend in the Chamber.. I already knew that, and that's more or less the point. He then went on to explain all the selfless hours he puts in with the Chamber and how he doesn't get a dime and asked me what a person like me does.

"Expose people like you and a Mayor who steals," was my answer.

Like the previous meeting, this one was packed, too. And whenever Colondo or Stoudt would take a shot, the room thundered with applause, in which other Council members joined as well. Carl Srtye gave a report, by the way. He announced that there were 34 crimes and 13 arrests in the previous month. I couldn't help wondering whether he counted himself.

I mentioned that when Colondo attempted to spar with me.


Anonymous said...

I call him Colon-blo because that what he looks and acts and smells like. He's a stinky little crybaby who'd likely love a spanking and diaper change. His friends won't be honest with him about that Colon-blo aroma he's known for.

Je suis Bernie

Anonymous said...

I am astounded by the unprofessional nature of this council. Instead of sparring with you, you would think they would address the mayor situation, or at least, offer an apology for their stance that only people who own land in nazareth should have a right to speak at council meetings.

Anonymous said...

I'm very impressed by your efforts here, Bernie. I really haven't been concerned with the Nazareth situation but you, a resident there, have every right to challenge municipal officials you believe to be behaving badly.

Confronting these apparent bullies is actually a DUTY most others would be afraid to perform. You show great courage in today's "revised" definition of democracy, good government, and ethical public service.

I'll go so far as to call your mission "Trump-like."

Fred Windish

Anonymous said...


Je suis Bernie.

Anonymous said...

Do you think Pawlowski & Styre will be able to share a jail cell?

Anonymous said...

The sunglasses and pencil thin tie would be right at home in a windowless van handing out free candy.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but that gift isn't "expensive." That particular bottle of Cuervo retails for $19.99 at the PLCB liquor stores.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone told this man he is a mess with the hair and the way he is acting out? Seriously "Duuuuudeee" YOUR HOW OLD? AND HAVE YOUR HAIR SPIKED LIKE THAT? WHAT A MESS! And it could only be in the cesspool of the Lehigh valley- AKA NAZARETH to have elected a HOT MESS like this guy to the town council-

Anonymous said...

Colondo looks and sounds like a moron. Tuck your shirt in - you aren't in 7th grade. Is this what youthful politicians have to offer? Give this guy 20 years, and he'll look just like Stoudt, and act like him too. Sounds like the old guard has trained him well already.

Anonymous said...

These meetings sound hilarious. What is the price of admission? When should one arrive to get good seats? Drinks and food served, or are they permitted to be brought in from outside?

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Sorry but that gift isn't "expensive." That particular bottle of Cuervo retails for $19.99 at the PLCB liquor stores."

In the Internet, I see it priced from $30 to $150, and in my original story, noted the difference in price. It might be a small matter, but it troubles me in a community that has just applied for a $52,900 grant for a private social club with a restricted membership. There should be an absolute gift ban on all public officials.

Anonymous said...

Colando could be the third wheel of circle jerks in jail with Pawlowski & Styre!

Anonymous said...

It's 2:00 PM in the afternoon now,as I awake from a three hour nap. I notice that there are not many posts here for this story. I wondered why? Then, I remembered! During my restless, sleepless nights, an affliction rooted in my 40 years of overnight shifts roaming the Easton/Wilson and Palmer Twp. areas; making my endless wandering tours in the old stomping grounds: I realized the lights were not on in the 800 block of Ridge Street last evening. Manslab and Mezzy doing the Casino Tour again? Inquiring brainless minds want to know!!

Anonymous said...

His social media pictures are spectacular! More More More!

This guy should be on the runways of Milan/Paris/NYC. Surely Jose Cuervo contacted him to be a promo model for their tequila? There probably isn't a bottle left in all of Nazareth now....

Anonymous said...

If anyone can pull off a 20 year old hair style it's Colonblo. Colonblo is the most interesting man in Nazareth.

Anonymous said...


Andru Dyce Cray said...

The reason the call him Colonblo is because he demolishes colons with his Girthy stick of cappicola, his hair stands at attention like his rigid rod of rectum reeming blood vessels.
Spare the rod spoil the fugazi.

Anonymous said...

Never ceases to amaze me when older guys put photos on Facebook that accentuate the douche look.

Unknown said...

Bernie ,
You will delete comments that are "personal attacks" yet all these comments on Lance Colondo are personal attacks. You troll his personal Facebook photos and use personal pictures - you are a shameless person. Let's not forget your record is less than desirable so I wouldn't throw stones at glass houses. Get some class and get a life.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I do delete personal attacks at my discretion, and if any of them got out of hand, I would take them down. But I tend to be more lenient on attacks aimed at elected officials. The "personal" Facebook page you mention is not so "personal." It was open for the entire world to see and I made use of what is in the public domain. I had reasons and points for each of the three pics I used. One showed him receiving a gift of tequila. Another shows him in blackface, not too smart in a community with a reputation for racism The third was used as humor. I'm obviously not his favorite blogger, so putting me up there with him was an attempt at levity with a person who has no sense of humor.

His behavior and that of his fellow council members, who packed the room to defend Strye, betray a complete disregard for the public. I was repeatedly interrupted by Colondo and others, was asked questions and then not given the opportunity to respond in a community with a Mayor facing third degree felong theft charges and a Council who just applied for a $52,900 grant for a private social club with a restricted membership.

He and they have been embarrassed in the press as a result in stories written by others, not me.

They all need to go.

Bernie O'Hare said...

The "unknown" comment at 10:39 was posted by one of Colondo's coworkers at what is now BB&T, the great bank in the heart of the NIZ.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, Ive been told Lance has a long rant about you on his FB, his version of the "facts" He is obviously distressed. Most anyone would be. I do not know him, i know people who do and vouch for his character. I do not know you either, other than reading your blog for years now.

I believe you both care about Nazareth, alot. You i know Bernie care about accountability in the government.

In the end this is all about trying to get Nazareth out of its cycle of corruption and cronyism. The Mayor must go as well as some others.

Instead of flinging insults at each other ( or as you say, humor), would you consider sitting down with him for a cup of coffee with a third somewhat neutral person? Maybe you could work on identifying people in the community to run for council and mayor going forward?

I can tell you that a seasoned politician would not have attacked you but brought you to the table, assuming he/she has nothing else to hide.

Real men can step back and apologize for previous actions even if they think they were not out of line.

Why dont you try a different approach if you want to help Nazareth?

Maybe someone can start a "take back Nazareth" committee, local grass roots effort.

I do not live in the borough, but will probably move there when i down size.


Bernie O'Hare said...

He did post a long rant on Facebook. It was libelous and I requested him to take it down, or at least the libelous portion. I believe he did.

My concern is not about Nazareth, but Nazareth government. After Thursday and Monday night, it is even more clear to me that there is a pervasive culture of corruption in Nazareth. I am always willing to talk to anyone, but it won't happen. Those people have all the answers and continue to justify what can't be justified, whether it is the $52,900 grant for the Legion or a felon in charge of the police department. They think they are on the right track with the top heavy police department and numerous violations of civil rights. These are people who think you're nothing unless you own real estate, and the people they packed into chambers are enabling the good ol' boys.

I have some ideas and will be exploring them. The entire Council and Mayor need to go.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bernie,how long do boro taxpayers have to pay for their employees family health care when they are divorcing? Three years down an were still paying.