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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Have Mercy on Matt McTish!

Matthew McTish, aka Donor #2 is the engineer who eluded prosecution in the Pa. Turnpike scandal, despite his admission that he had given a $4,000 travel voucher to a public official. The lead prosecutor in that matter, Laurel Brandstetter, now represents him in his guilty plea to political corruption in Allentown.

In the letter below, she attempts to portray a very active participant in bribery, and one who already dodged prosecution once, as an unwitting victim.

Below is her email to McTish's pals:

Dear [Sucker?]

I represent Matt McTish in the criminal case, which became public today. Your relationship with McTish, Kunkel and Associates is very important to Matt, which is why he asked that I contact you on his behalf.

Matt entered a guilty plea in federal district court on one count of conspiracy to commit bribery in connection with the FBI’s investigation into political corruption in Allentown and Reading.

Since Matt’s name first surfaced in the investigation, he has been coming to terms with his actions and taking responsibility for them. Matt participated solely out of concern that if he didn’t, his Firm would lose business to a firm that did.

I am limited in the details I can provide because this matter is the subject of an ongoing investigation.

Matt is committed to making things right. First, Matt is cooperating with authorities in their quest to rid corruption from the process for awarding government contracts. Second, with the help of outside experts, MKA has launched an aggressive ethics and compliance program.

Matt has stepped down as president. Matt’s brother, David McTish will now serve as president of MKA. John Ryan and Timothy Benner serve as Vice Presidents of the firm. Tim and John are long term employees of the firm and have served as leaders for many years. I have had the opportunity to work with David, John, and Tim for the past year and am thoroughly impressed with their accomplishments and leadership. Matt will remain with the firm to assist with the transition and assist private industry clients.

Matt understands that this news may raise questions for you and would like to make clear that his actions were personal decisions that he deeply regrets. Please do not hesitate to contact David, John, or Tim directly. They would be happy to meet with you and answer any questions that you may have.

I am also available if you have questions about the legal process. I can be contacted at my law firm. [email and phone redacted]

Laurel Brandstetter


Anonymous said...

Soon the RATS will eat each other-

Anonymous said...

Can anyone really believe the entire 5th floor didn't know exactly what was going on?

Anonymous said...

Interesting - "Matt has stepped down as president." Not, "Matt has resigned from the firm." Looks like they're going to continue to carry him despite how heavy his baggage is.

Anonymous said...

4 grand? Come-on...think... nobody in these positions sells out for 4g's or 8g's for that matter. You cop to 4 grand to satisfy the feeding frenzy, it's chum.

4g's will buy you a classy whore, that's about it.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Keep looking you got a piece of it.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Gotta' love these all-knowing anonymous assholes who never offer a substantive remark.

Anonymous said...

My descriptive yet indescriptive description of this browne hole matter is a collective bunch of tools working together to deprive, degrade, and design?! This is a matter of head count numbers only for federal dollars as some sort of sick insurable perils numbers game on the heads of the public that these crimes were and still are being perpatrated upon, calling these fictisious facts put to print in data and spread sheets, than there is allways a powerpoint presentation that sways the numbers to there liking!?
The perp walk should be first taken in the palumpadome for the caining of all the collective pussie boils out in front as well as behind the seens!? After that Angle could spread this shitstew on farmlands?!
Re:publican redd

Anonymous said...


It was much more than $4,000.

Anonymous said...

Great work, BO. Didn't see this on mcall.com


Unknown said...

Not surprised. This firm is so far beyond in technology. They treat their employees on an individual basis. No procedures in place. Everyone is treated different. No HR department.