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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Feds' Case Against Matthew McTish

Below is the federal information against Matthew MbTish, filed in connection with the pay-t-play investigation in Allentown and Reading. It proves that I was right whenI suggested that Donor #2 was Matt McTish. It also indicates that the federal government is perfectly willing to prosecute the vendors and firms who profited from pay-to-play.

The information also identifies Public official #5, whom I believe is former Managing Director Fran Dougherty.

We know that Fed Ed's defense is, "Blame it all on Fleck." Jack McMahon is no doubt deeding that bullshit to the dailies. But here's what we know:
*  Fed Ed personally requested contributions during meetings about pending engineering contract (Para. 15);
*  Fed Ed, at a meeting with McTish on May 27, 2014, promised to help McTish get more engineering work in exchange for continued donations to "Friends of Ed Pawlowski." (Para. 12)
* On August 8, 2014, after Fed Ed learned that McTish had agreed to become a yearly sponsor to his PAC, he stated, "Okay, now I have to get him work." (Para. 13).
* At a meeting with McTish on April 27, 2015, Fed Ed said he could get him more work, but wanted him to raise $21,600 for his federal race. (Para. 17).

Information - McTish by BernieOHare


Anonymous said...

Can you taste that prison food yet Paw'low'ski?

Anonymous said...

That grade D meat will be to his likeing, I am sure he will be dinning balonie for many a meal!?!!?!?

Anonymous said...


another philly senator charged.

Rooster said...

Schloshedberg had be the middle this mess somewhere. He's not smart enough his Slimy handshands out of this morass.

Anonymous said...

Pawlowski for Governor
Pawlowski for Senator
Pawlowski for Cell Block D

That's quite a career path, all in the course of two years.

Anonymous said...

Public Official No.5 was always ready to play his role.