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Monday, May 09, 2016

Domestic Violence Should Never Be Swept Under the Rug

Bethlehem City Council member Olga Negron-Dipini was allegedly assaulted recently by her husband, Juan DiPpini. He faces misdemeanor assault charges, and his preliminary hearing is scheduled for May 13. In addition, a temporary Protection From Abuse Act Order (PFA) was entered against him by Judge Jennifer Sletvold, and was made permanent by Judge Paula Roscioli in an Order filed on May 4. Should this have been kept from the public? Negron-Dipini, according to some, was upset when The Express Times initially reported his matter, but then spoke publicly about it. The more attention drawn to domestic violence, the less likely it is to occur.

Here's what one reader thinks.
The local Express-Times newspaper reported a story about a City Council member being assaulted by the member's spouse. They also reported the victim's name. I find this reprehensible. The newspaper generally does not post names of domestic violence victims, but in this case they choose to do it. This is horrible. Just because one is an elected public official, they should still get the right to privacy when it comes to an issue like this. I pray that the City Council member is okay after this attack.
The reader is completely wrong. In Jim Gregory's very well publicized PFA contempt proceedings, his ex-girlfriend I saw no public hue or outcry over that, even though she is a private figure. And domestic violence should be publicized to draw attention to the problem, whether it is a corrections officer at the jail who beats his wife up, a police chief in Washington Tp who does the same thing or a Bethlehem City Council member.

If the victim is subjected to stalking or harassment, then I could see the need to keep his or her address from public view.  But when people try to sweep domestic violence under a rig, they just enable it. .   .

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Anonymous said...

Great point Bernie. The Gregory case was a good example. Let us all be clear, domestic abuse must stop. Whether it is a wife, fiancée or girlfriend these "men" should be ashamed of themselves for what they do. Then they have the audacity to try and rationalize their behavior or blame others.

I found it to be truly cowardly for Gregory to somehow blame you for his own violent acts.

This is a subject that needs the light of day!

Good for her!!!