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Friday, May 13, 2016

America's Hidden Epidemic - Child Abuse

Child abuse is called our hidden epidemic. Every year, over 3.6 million referrals are made to child protection agencies. In 2014, state agencies reported that 1,580 children died as a result of abuse and neglect. This is a problem that county governments face every day.

In Northampton County, Children, Youth and Families (CYF) had 10 caseworkers in 2014 who handled 732 child abuse incidents, and ultimately determined that 65 of them needed action. In 2015, 14 caseworkers fielded 1,076 reports of child abuse in 2015, and took action in 134 of these matters.

Possible signs of child abuse or neglect include the following:
* Behavior changes such as fear, anxiety, depression, aggression or withdrawal, not wanting to go home, or appearing afraid of certain individuals
* Overly sexualized behavior or use of explicit sexual language that's inappropriate for the child's age
* Changes in sleeping patterns including frequent nightmares, difficulty falling asleep. Both may result in the child appearing tired or fatigued
* Changes in school performance and attendance, such as being unable to concentrate in class or frequent absences
* Eating habits that lead to extreme weight gain or loss
* Visible unexplained injuries such as burns, bruises, or broken bones
* Use of drugs or alcohol
* Trouble walking or sitting
If you want to report possible child abuse, you can call 1-800-932-0313.


Anonymous said...

A look into the eyes of the souless, this is the most reprehencible and henious crime. Local athorities follow orders of local political parasites to allow and even give help and guidence to thos commiting these crimes. Supposidly looking out for the childs best intrest yet truely only looking out for the best intrest of there own pocketbooks and revenue created to keep these very sick people employed and administers with heavily padded income not to mention pension package.
Than once they are caught redd handed the circus circle jerk moves them around and enACTS a new twist upon the children that are but a insurable peril of pa state law, and the vicious circle goes round and round all over again never giving a reprieve or even charging those circus ACTors LVHN formally known as the great allentown hospital circus sideshow freeks and geeks, today just a sad case of hospital wars and grant grab get to give in this realeSTATE development tool?!:(
The soul sale sector collude to dillude with team elder abuse apprentice RePete being a reprehencible repsentational tool too!? ($
Re:publican redd

Anonymous said...

Gary W. Gorman says,

Not a chirp...Not asingleone

Anonymous said...

Yep, no bitters but a hole lot of swollowers of that hook?
All afraid for there life and for there families lives too?!
So hopping that Bernie's opinions brings out something other than the same old dog and pony show?! LVHN formally known as the great Allentown hospital circus sideshow freeks and geeks and there mommas cigar surprise sideways now starring the ticket takers cheesy French fries double dipped?!
Re:publican redd

Peter J.Cochran said...

Bernie , this story breaks my heart. If anything would turn my dander ,it's this stuff. I witnessed a female, dragging a child across an intersection in front of our firehouse on 6th street ,so I go out ---I tell this actor that when you do this to a child, it is on YOU.I inform her that-- You are showing your kid you hate him.I would have beat her to her game by dragging her across that intersection if I could have gotten away with it. She has NO BUSINESS having a child, or even driving a car as she is a fat cumbag. Now I'm trying to be nice here.