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Friday, May 06, 2016

John Brown's Mini "State of the County"

Executive John Brown
Executive John Brown presented a positive picture of NorCo finances during Council's May 5 meeting. He claims there has been no structural deficit over the last two years, and that the year-end general fund balance in 2015 was a little over $30 million. Another $13 million went into a rainy day and capital improvements fund. Health care coverage reductions "are beginning to bear fruit," he claimed, but presented no exact figures. He noted that nine of 11 union contracts have been settled. He indicated that there have been no complaints about changes in Central Booking, which are designed to get local police back on patrol as soon as possible. He also thanked Sheriff Dave Dalrymple and Chiefs of Police for their efforts in securing a Gaming Authority grant for a regional crime center. Finally, the County money spent to continue providing human serviced during the state budget impasse - about $24 million - has been recovered.


Anonymous said...

Despite a number of mostly early stumbles, he's done a very good job.

Now cue the whiners .... "Niagara Falls .....slowly I turn ...."

Bernie O'Hare said...

First Year - F; Second Year - A minus; Third Year - MIA. His first year was a disaster. His second year was vey good. He is not around a lot in his third year bc he is running for another office.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Brownie is a genius. He chose not to fill job vacancies for nearly a year, instituted higher health care deductibles, failed to veto a tax increase, and rewarded all of his crony managers with pay increases. He wasted money on do nothing consultants. Meanwhile the county's infrastructure goes to hell and nothing gets done. No tears here. Just nausea to read one of his crony supporters blessings.

Anonymous said...

We can count the days till Brownstain is back in Bangor unemployed dreaming of what could have been.......At least him and that derelict Cathy Allen can have coffee at the new café every morning in downtown Bangor

Can someone tell Lil Johnnie he wont even carry Northampton County in his quest for a State job.