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Monday, July 20, 2015

Heat Causes Bethlehem To Close Tennis Courts, Reduce Pool Fees

Bethlehem's tennis courts are closing today because of the heat. But on the bright side, kids (under 17) can go swimming today for just $2, with adults being charged only $3.

At Allentown's Irving pool, it is just $1.


NorCo Twink said...

How great would it be if next year Bethlehem hired a freshly released Jim Gregory as head lifeguard?? He is perfect facsimile of David Hasslehof's character in the hit Tv show Baywatch, although his calorie restricted diet and intense calisthenics regimine probably have him a bit more shredded than Mitch Buchannon ever was.

Anonymous said...

They should raise the price to get in, not lower it!

Anonymous said...

Most of Allentowns pools are closed----just couldn't find the $$$ to keep them open.
What can ya' say?????

Anonymous said...

Someone said they saw the Mediterranean manslab and he looks like a god. He is even more taut and jacked than before. Apparently he is letting his hair grow like a sable mane. His muscular frame glistening in the sun.

His arrival in the LV will be spectacular.