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Friday, July 24, 2015

U.S. House Takes Aim at Sanctuary Cities

Immigration detainers are notices from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) of the federal government's intention to take custody of an undocumented alien under local control. They expire after 48 hours. If a bill that passed in the House yesterday becomes law, sanctuary cities that refuse to honor these detainers will lose the right to participate in several federal grant programs.

In Northampton County, DA John Morganelli made very clear last year that he wants those detainers enforced. "This is making sure that Northampton County does not become a safe haven for foreign criminals," he reasoned. But a Third Circuit ruling imposed liability against Lehigh County for refusing to release a prisoner who made bail because a detainer had been issued.

Congressman Charlie Dent explains why he supported this measure.

“There are nearly 300 municipalities or jurisdictions across the country that have decided to pick and choose what federal immigration laws to obey. Sadly, the results of their decisions in several instances have resulted in death and suffering inflicted on innocent individuals.

"We saw this tragedy play out recently in San Francisco, where an unlawful immigrant with a long felony arrest record is suspected of having murdered 32 year-old Kathryn Steinle while she was walking with her family.

"‘Sanctuary city’ policies were also behind a 2009 tragedy in Newark, New Jersey where three young adults were gruesomely executed in a local schoolyard. One of the defendants arrested in that triple homicide was unlawfully in the United States and had earlier been indicted on felony child abuse (31 counts) and aggravated assault charges. He had been released from jail on a $150,000 bond. Newark at the time had a policy of not inquiring about a defendant's immigration status.

"Enough is enough. The law is the law. If interior enforcement is ever to be effective, there must be strong cooperation between state and local law enforcement agencies and Immigrations and Customs Enforcement. If misguided elected officials refuse to assist federal law enforcement, they should not be rewarded.”

Dent also cited a study showing that in 2014, the majority (63%) of those illegal immigrants released due to ‘sanctuary city’ policies already had a felony arrest record. Further, of those released 1900 were later arrested again for committing further crimes totaling nearly an additional 7500 criminal offenses.

One Democrat, Congressman Xavier Becerra, derided the bill as "The Donald Trump Act" and president Obama has threatened a veto.


Anonymous said...

The Feds had bigger charges on that guy. No reason to have ever turned him over for lesser local charges in San Fran. Also, everyone has shut up about that case considering the gun he used.

Reality Bites said...

After all is said and done, nothing will change.

Bernie O'Hare said...


Anonymous said...

Running out of steam on the Allentown investigation??? Looks like it.

Anonymous said...

all told, those sanctuary cities sheltered nearly 1 million new Democrat voters in the past year. A few bodies along the way is a small price to pay.

Anonymous said...

That's pretty much the crux of all this, 6:23. Millions of immigrants are flowing freely into our country. Others, already here, are over-staying their visas. Most of these people require expensive government assistance and place increased demand on infrastructure. That all costs money. Money the government can only get from PRODUCTIVE citizens.

Can we at least reduce this demand on our tax dollars by not encouraging and sheltering our proven undesirable, new inhabitants?

Anonymous said...

Lax immigration laws are something both parties agree upon. Rs and the U.S. Chambers of Commerce want cheap slave labor. Ds want instant Democrat voters who respond to handout promises. It's always about money and power and both parties are disgusting. Morganelli is a self promoting ass most days. But even a blind squirrel finds an ocaisional nut. He's correct on this issue. But nobody cares.

Anonymous said...

Dent said "enough is enough, the law is the law". Charlie how about enforcing the current US Immigration laws. Enough is enough. The law is the law.

Anonymous said...

Charles is a little lax himself on several issues.

Anonymous said...

Running out of steam on the Allentown investigation??? Looks like it.
Lots of steam building up in the Allentown investigation.
When the Grand Jury indicts, there will be plenty of fresh material. Just don't look for it in The Express-Times. They are too busy listening to police scanners, copying AP releases, and reporting menu items at local restaurants.