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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Dan Keen On the Great NorCo Jail Shakedown

Dan Keen 
Back in May, when Corrections Director Dan Keen conducted major shakedown at the jail and came up empty handed, I poked fun at it as a dog and pony show in which the only incriminating thing found were a few autographed pictures of me. DA John Morganelli called it the "search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq." But in fairness to Keen, he had his reason for the sweep. He explained this yesterday at a rare meeting of Council's Courts and Corrections Committee. He did it because of the large number of contraband items found between January 2014 and May 2015.

Items confiscated at the jail consisted of the following: 16 cell phones; 5 stashes of cash; 10 items of drug paraphernalia; 12 lighters; 12 marijuana stock-piles; 12 pills; 5 ropes; 10 tattoo kits; 115 tobacco treasures; and 27 weapons.


Anonymous said...

It would be nice if he also found enough employees to fully staff the jail.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, 30 officers short is crazy.

Peter J.Cochran said...

need to move near 10 PERCENT OF TOP STAFFING SO the employees don't run up too much o t.

Anonymous said...

Us officers will be blamed for costing the county too much money in overtime when most of us don't want it. Most are more than happy with 1 a pay, not 3-4 a week.

Anonymous said...

Kane is abother Brown lacky. He had several employees walked out just weeks before.his big shake down. This was perfect timing to make sure nothing was found during the big raid. Dog and pony at its best.