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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lou Hershman Now Batting Righty

Last Fall, many Republicans switched parties to vote for Obama. Even U.S. Senator Arlen Specter and Easton City Controller Tony Bassil are now both Democrats. But here in the Lehigh Valley, some prominent leaders have become Republicans.

Claiming that "[t]he Democratic party in Allentown is so far to the left that I feel like a Republican," Allentown City Council member Tony Phillips switched teams last summer. Then it was Judge Leonard Zito, who became a switch hitter to guarantee his confirmation by the state senate.

The latest defector is Allentown City Council candidate Lou Hershman. Victim of an uncharacteristic anonymous, last-minute, smear campaign by Pawlowski supporters Rob Hopkins and Jimmy Spang, Hershman has little reason to remain blue.

Rejected by Democrats, Hershman achieved a write-in victory from Republicans. Now that Lou has changed his voter registration, there are seven Republicans in Allentown.


Anonymous said...

When it comes to local politics, traditional R/D lines that are so clearcut on a national level are muddied. Your Longdems are a good example - they so closely resemble the new national level Republicans (Bush/Cheney/Palin) in their attitudes, actions, and behavior, that you wonder why they consider themselves Dems at all. I bet if it were possible to register for one party for local elections and another for national elections, many would do it, especially in the LV.

LVCI said...

If you can't go over the fence... Go around it.

Anonymous said...

What are Bush and Cheney running for?

Anonymous said...

One of Bernie's New Democrats decides to cross over the fence to what they actually are. Republicans.

Bernie O'Hare said...

In A-town politics, King Edwin has promoted R policies. He favors KOZ tax breaks for the rich while decreasing the amount of $ paid to tenants of buildings that the city declares uninhabitable. He shoves out a long-term restauranteur to make room for one of hs cronies. He puts the squeeze on city vendors and workers. He ignores displaced hamilton Street merchants. His city conducts systematic home inspections in poor neighborhoods. He even detests yard sales.

With him and his cabal, it is all about power, and nothing about party. Hershman has been a much-needed thorn in Pawlowski's side.

Even if Pawlowski does some good things, the city needs a council that will watch him like a hawk. Hershman will do that.

Anonymous said...

I, as a republican, welcome Lou to the republican party. Lou is not only a gentleman, he is knowledgable, honest and a hard worker. Allentown council is simply not doing their job and needs a Lou Hershman.
Bob Romancheck

Anonymous said...

Bernie -

Exactly which of the policies that you rightfully attribute to Pawlowski would you call "R policies"?

I hate to burst your bubble, but everything you list is a "D policy", perpetrated by a Democrat Mayor and aided by a Democrat Governor.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:20 wrote:

"Your Longdems are a good example - they so closely resemble the new national level Republicans (Bush/Cheney/Palin) in their attitudes, actions, and behavior, that you wonder why they consider themselves Dems at all."

Anon, please explain.

I suspect that many of the "attitudes, actions, and behavior" that you don't like about the Longdems are more likely to be found in the administration of the CURRENT occupant of the White House.

They just do a better job of misdirection and have fooled you into believing that they are something more than a group of Chicago thugs.

Anonymous said...

the guy is a clown. enjoy having him around. perhaps he can clean up the city gop and the mess they are in.

Anonymous said...

Wow. THings are bad in Norco when even the Bushies are insulted to be compared to the Long-Dems.

Anonymous said...

I can see the correlation between the Bush Administration and the Longdems: stolen elections, special interests, bloated contracts that benefit friends, lack of interest in improved healthcare, oligarchical rule, lack of interest with public needs unless it concerns a specific group they belong to, intimidation tactics and threats, unprofessionalism, suppression of free thinking even within their own party, and and ignorance and lack of experience and couth that make them the daily butt of jokes, just like Bush was for eight years. You don't see that with the local Reps, not even with Angle, except for that he is the butt of many jokes because of his behavior. He, however, does it on purpose for attention and notoriety, the Longdems, don't. You can be a Republican and not feel compelled to defend Bush you know. THere were Reps before Bush and there will be long after Bush.

Anonymous said...