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Thursday, June 11, 2009

An Internet Legal Resource

It's hard to ignore the near daily visitors to the courthouse, mostly woman, with black eyes, gashes on their face and looks of helplessness in their eyes. The Protection From Abuse office is right by the Recorder of Deeds, so I see firsthand what people can do to the ones they love.

Yesterday, in the law library, a woman was at her wit's end because her ex is thumbing his nose at a custody order. Like most women who has just left her husband, she has little money for an attorney. Carol Devlin, Northampton County's very helpful law librarian, referred her to a web page and I want to share it with you.

PaLawHelp is a guide to legal information and free civil legal services available for low-income persons and seniors in Pennsylvania. A variety of legal issues is presented, and there are even forms for people involved in custody battles. It's no substitute for a good lawyer, but it's a start.


J. BLACK said...

Good info, BO, I will pass this on to my readers also,


Dave said...

A PFA is just a piece of paper when that person on the paper picks up a gun. Most times it works but last weekend we saw what can happen when someone goes off the deep end. It could have been much worse but the young boy will live to tell. The circle of abuse is rampant and all we can hope to do is stem the tide and fortify the dams.