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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Technical Difficulties

Tuesday, nothing could go wrong. Wednesday, nothing could go right. I attended Allentown's ad hoc ethics committee and had hoped to tell you about that, but I had a blow out on Route 22. I was still able to post the post primary campaign finance reports filed by John Stoffa and Ann McHale, but you'll have to wait a day for the council candidates.


Anonymous said...


I noticed from the coverage at least three other people in the room for that "event".

Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...

OT, but Bernie won't touch the issue because he protects his friends:

Where do Grucela and Freeman stand on the proposed 16% increase to PA's income tax? Craig Dally? How about you?

Given the current economy, it's hard to imagine either of these men, with generous pensions and few financial worries, would stick it to the taxpayers this way.

Why are these public servants silent on this issue? Grucela is selling lots of spending in order to keep his pension secure. He's yet to say where he stands on this important issue.

What gives Rich? Those of us who have actually done honest work would like to know if you're going to continue to feather your own nest.

How about you, nice guy Bob? How about being honest and answering your constituents?

Craig? What's it going to be?

Anonymous said...

Dally won't have to worry about his vote in any event since he will be headed to the even better promise land of the pennyslvania judiciary who enjoy even better benefits than legislators... life time nursing home care coverage, salary increases tied to cola increases for federal judges. As the great unwashed masses sturggle to make ends meet, our our of touch legislators continue to live in la la land and by failing to cut unnecessary spending, programs, WAMs and their own rainy day fund.

Anonymous said...

Any word back from bobby hopkins on debating hershman? I am sure gunther walsh would love to host the event!!

Bernie O'Hare said...

No word yet. Hopkins wqas very quick toblast hershman anonymously with disinformation, but is less willing to accord Lou the basic right of confrontation. Lou should be able to confront his accusers.