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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hershman Demands Debate With Hopkins & Pawlowski

Yesterday, I gave you three explanations about who was really behind the anonymous, last-minute smear campaign against Allentown City Council candidate Lou Hershman.

In their "official" explanation, contenders Mike D'Amore, Mike Schlossberg and Ray O'Connell admit funding these unidentified anti-Hershman robo-calls. But they had no idea former Pawlowski campaign manager Rob Hopkins would be so sneaky. Privately, the whole fiasco is blamed on Pawlowski, who may have even picked up the checks for Hopkins. Pawlowski was supposed to help fund the robo-calls, too, but backed out at the last minute so he could deny everything. In his story, Rob Hopkins falls on the sword. In a lengthy statement, he claims no one knew his specific intentions.

Hershman has his own impassioned statement, which appears in Jarrett Renshaw's Queen City Daily. "I have to ask these gentlemen, what are you afraid of? Why does a 73-year old senior citizen named Lou Hershman scare you?"

Ray O'Connell, to his credit, feels pretty bad about the whole thing. He told me, "If I could see Lou in public, I would reach my hand out and say, 'Lou, I'm sorry about what I did and it will never happen again." That was a noble gesture from O'Connell, and Hershman just as quickly accepted the apology. "I know Ray and when I read his name, I couldn't believe it. He's not like that at all. I accept his apology."

One person who has offered no apology is Rob Hopkins, the Pawlowski sycophant who actually prepared the anonymous attack. He piously claims no one has dared disagree with his assertion that Hershman allowed young police officers to retire early, costing the city a gazillion dollars.

Well, I disagree. Of all people, Hopkins should know the truth. Hershman had actually sued to stop these police pensions. But in 2005, a desperate Pawlowski begged Hershman to drop it. At the time, Hopkins was Pawlowski's campaign manager, and they were trying to wrangle an FOP endorsement. In a meeting arranged by Julio Guridy, Pawlowski promised Hershman that only between 9 and 12 officers would retire, and this would actually save Peanutville $240 thousand. Hershman took Pawlowski at his word, only to learn later that he had been misled. Fifty-three cops would retire.

Quelle surprise.

As you all know, even the filthiest criminal is entitled to face his accusers. But not Lou Hershman. Hopkins and Pawlowski made sure of that. That's pretty amazing from someone who relies on the Constitution to justify anonymous sleaze.

Yesterday afternoon, Hershman exercised some constitutional rights of his own. He is demanding an opportunity to face his accusers. "I want to debate Hopkins and Pawlowski to refresh their memories."

When I reached Hopkins yesterday, he seemed stunned. "Well, I'll have to ... I'll have to ... um ... think about it." He said he'd be happy to meet Hershman face to face, but I told him public accusations warrant a public setting for response. Hopkins is very quick to make anonymous accusations, but seems much slower in defending them.

I'll be happy to arrange a venue.


Anonymous said...

Good for him. There should be more local debates anyway.

Anonymous said...

As Hershman says, "the work of cowards,"

The progressive democrats hide behind powerpoint slides, robo calls and bulk mailings. They throw S _ _ _ to the wind and hope something sticks. Too bad for Allentown.

Now Eddy is in the corner with a budget HUGE deficit, probably will try to blame this one on Lou Hershman or Bill Heydt or George Bush or something.

To bad Pam Varkory or Bob Lovett or Bill Heydt is not on the ballot opposite fast eddy, I am not sure the voters take phillips seriously

Anonymous said...

a very nice gesture by O'connell but the damage is done. What I did not see him do was chastise hopkins for fooling him???

Possibly, O'connel should look at Hershman's resume and realize that since the Number One issue in A-town next 4 years is the city's finances, that Lou Hershman is the only candidate qualified to deal with he issue. That is why palowski fears hershman. Eddy does not want to talk about the $60MILLION in interest from the bond refinancing

Possibly O'connell could endorde Hershman as part of his penance, or possibly run on a good government team with hershman?

Anonymous said...

the damage is done. What I did not see was o'connell chastise hopkins.

Possibly o'connell and hershman could run on a good government team.

O'connel at least owes hershman an endorsement as part of his penance....

Only one candiate has the skills and experience to deal witht eh budget issues...figure it out

Anonymous said...

This is the first I've ever read about Hershman being lied to with regard to 53 police retiring, and not just retiring, retiring at top salaries at 37 and 40. Very interesting. Maybe you can look into this matter more. And keep pushing Hershman to debate.

Anonymous said...

As I have previously said. Lou Hershman is a gentleman, honest and trustworthy and will continue to serve the people of Allentown in a manner in which they can be proud. These traits are in keeping with republican values and that is why we have welcomed him whole heartedly in the party.
Finally, why are the demos afraid to debate Lou..............We know why.
Bob Romancheck

LVCI said...

Anonymous said... "Bernie, This is the first I've ever read about Hershman being lied to with regard to 53 police retiring.... Maybe you can look into this matter more"

While the following items are not specific to the police pensions themselves, they show the kind of atmosphere that city council faced which led up to the pension turmoil that was to follow. Are things so different at this very moment? --- déjà vu

Councilman Louis J. Hershman will head the committee , which will also include Councilmen David K. Bausch, Tom Burke and Julio Guridy... Hershman pushed for a new examination of the budget....that the city will fall $6 million short of the mayor's revenue projections this year. [Roy C. Afflerbach] blamed computer error on the mistakes and asked council to trust that he would make necessary adjustments if the projections are flawed. Council adopted his budget by a 6-1 vote, with only Burke objecting.

[Roy C. Afflerbach] said the city's revenue is $197,000 short of expectations , not the $6 million Controller Frank J. Concannon projected....Afflerbach did not explain the difference between his figures and those presented by Concannon and Councilman Tom Burke that seem to indicate the city will end 2003 as much as $3 million in the red.

apparent errors were discovered earlier this week by [Tom Burke], Councilman Louis J. Hershman

council adopted a 16 percent tax increase, but not before Burke and a few dozen residents alleged that Afflerbach was distorting the budget adoption process

Afflerbach...declared war on those groups, specifically singling out [Tom Burke], Councilman Louis J. Hershman and the police union for criticism.

There's tons more, but I've taken too much room on Bernie's blog already. You can search for more in Morning Call Archives

Anonymous said...

to: 9:27 A.M.

thank you for taking such time to inform us. it is greatly appreciated.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I have to agree. Great research that shows Hopkins' real concern about Hershman - he is a watchdog.

Rob, you really disappoint me.

Anonymous said...

Who is Pawlowski's campaign manager now?

What is the group "Friends of Ed Pawlowski"?

Does anyone know who the members of the group are?

Anonymous said...

Is that the old man from "Up" ??