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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Can We Vote Twice For the Same Candidate in Judicial Race? Redux

Questions have arisen concerning this Fall's judicial race, where there are three openings. Judge Lenny Zito and Magistrate Michael Koury have the nominations of both parties, and will appear on the ballots as Democrats and Republicans. State Rep. Craig Dally has the GOP nod and Bethlehem Attorney Barb Hollenbach is a Democratic nominee. We get three votes.

Question #1: Can I vote for the same person twice? In other words, can I decide to cast one vote for Zito as a Republican and another as a Democrat? Or can I vote for Koury twice in the same way?

Question #2: Can I pull the lever for Zito and then cast two write-in votes for him?

On Monday, Northampton County's Voting Machine Supervisor, Howie Erney, answered my questions from his bunker in Nazareth. Erney, you may recall, briefly served as Registrar, but resigned because the office was getting too damn political.

Answer #1: Once I cast a vote for Zito as either a Democrat or Republican, a code in the voting machine will prevent me from casting a second vote for him under the other party. The lever machines had the same failsafe.

Answer #2: I can still cast two write-in votes for Lenny, but they won't count. Erney tells me that if a candidate is already on the ballot, write-in votes for that candidate are not counted.


lighthouse said...

thanks for the follow up closure to your initial inquiry.

Bernie O'Hare said...

It was my pleasure. A lot of people wanted to know. I thought you could cast a write-in vote. I guess you can, but it won't be counted.

Anonymous said...

Of course you were wrong the entire idea was preposterous. At least you are batting 1000.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Where were you on Friday, when the question was posed?

I think you mean I'm batting .000.

I wasn't sure about the double-voting. I was convinced I could do a write-in.

I asked.

Anonymous said...

I think he meant you are batting 1000-at being wrong.

Actually quite amusing.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Bernie was disbarred. Just my luck, I'd end up being represented by him for something that required a modicum of knowledge. Whew.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I'm glad, too. Just my luck, I'd end up with an unreasonable and unbalanced client like you. Whew!

LVCI said...

Wonder if this works the same way with the Florida Division of Elections machines. Especially when it comes to re-counts?

Anonymous said...

"I'm glad, too. Just my luck, I'd end up with an unreasonable and unbalanced client like you. Whew!"

No problemo. You'd just forge my signature and take my money.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Ahhh, the usual personal attack. It's very easy to forge anonymous.

Anonymous said...

that will really help Daly and Hollenbach...