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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A Reason for Urban Living

Mike Schlossberg, who works at Lehigh Valley's Chamber of Commerce, has a pretty good idea. "Here's a novel idea to save money: Live in an urban area. Long-term, it will absolutely save you money. How? By reducing your time in the car and saving hundreds, if not thousands, in gas."

Mike is right, and that's one reason why the public should think twice before subsidizing downtown living with special tax breaks to developers.


A.J. Cordi said...

I've often mentioned the benefits of living in an urban area. Don't forget about basic upkeep and insurance savings, too.

It usually means more walking, too, which usually generates to a healthier person.

Anonymous said...

Are these people who want me to move downtown going to pay my real estate and other taxes?

The taxes in Allentown, Bethlehem and Easton are way higher than most of the burbs.

Look Out Lehigh Valley said...

that's because the 'burbs rely on the state to provide many of their "municipal" services such as emergency response services.

Anonymous said...

. . . and their roads.

Subsidies to developers, businesses, and residents of cities are easily justified.

Anonymous said...

School taxes sould be less too. Only 1 in 2 students even finish high school in major cities.