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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Has AG Hopeful Morganelli Removed Email Offender? Yes and No.

Two local newspapers, reporting about District Attorney John Morganelli's most recent email faux pas, have contradictory accounts.

The Morning Call claims he's purged his campaign of those responsible for execrable anonymous emails that smear potential AG candidate Chris Casey."Morganelli did not name those responsible, but he did say they're no longer with his campaign."

But The Express Times tells us something completely different. "[Morganelli] said no one on his staff was reprimanded for the recent e-mails. When asked whether he knew who sent the e-mails, he said he took responsibility for what happened."

Which account is accurate? The public should know whether Morganelli removed the person(s) responsible for the sleazemail. Otherwise, the person responsible for this unethical behavior could easily worm his way into the state attorney general's office. Once there, he can do some real damage.

Update - Morganelli: "ALL persons with access are not working for the campiagn anymore." Keystone Politics and Pennsyltucky Politics have both noticed these contradictory accounts, too. Morganelli has been kind enough to respond to my request for a clarification. "I gave the exact same statement to both papers. Rudy Miller [an editor at The Express Times] called me at home very late (around 11:00 pm) on deadline and we were talking really fast -- to get story done in time so his story is not as clear as [The Morning Call] . Both papers were told the same. - ALL persons with access are not working for the campaign anymore. It is like two people seeing an accident and relating different versions. But this isnt unusual-- when the papers cover something each reporter hears and writes sometimes a slightly different account or adds or leaves something out. But both were told same exact thing."

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