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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Catherine Baker Knoll to Crash Bennett Fundraiser

What would a week be without a Sam Bennett update?

Keystone Politics tells us she's now making the rounds in the beltway, trying desperately to grab some dough. Crooks and Liars, a beltway blog, tried to puff her candidacy. But even there, a buzz saw of complaints from local Dems followed a post telling us all about Sammy's favorite song.

Don't worry, Sammy hasn't forgotten about the little people. BethlehemDem tells us she's having a two hour fundraiser on Sunday at Jeanette Eichenwald's house. For just $1,000, you can be a host! Her special guest? Catherine Baker Knoll! Knoll is planning on crashing a nearby funeral anyway. Apparently, she has new business cards. Maybe she'll take Sammy with her.

Before Bennett announced her campaign, Congressman Charlie Dent was widely viewed as vulnerable. But now, thanks to a six month comedy of errors, CQ rates Charlie's seat as "Republican favored."


Anonymous said...

Bernie O’Hare -

Supports Death and Destruction
and did I say - “Charlie Dent”!

Bernie O'Hare said...

Yeah, I read that on Crooks & Liars, too. Now excuse me while I go sharpen my knives.

MAD AS BATS said...

Maybe the funeral is for Sam's campaign at Eichenwald's house!

michael molovinsky said...

if i may go off topic for a minute, the dem slate for allentown city council is very strong, schweyer,donovan and eichenwald. when eichenwald left the allentown school board she referred to her vote for the tax hike as her parting present to the students; i suggest the taxpayers of allentown need no more such gifts!! if the dems who read this site would vote for the republican candidates, smith and bausch, your "mayor ed" would still have a solid 4 to 3 margin, even if bausch voted against him, which is seldom. if on the other hand, allentown city council ends up with 7 democrats. expect very short meetings.

Anonymous said...

I have unfortunately resigned myself to the fact that Ms. Bennet will be the Dem. nominee for Congress. Sadly, I wish a real reform Dem (healthcare,sane foreign policy, economy that benefits all classes). I donot believe Ms. Bennet is anything but an opportunist. I like Mr. Dent but would vote for that reform Dem. I won't vote for Ms.
Bennet and even though Mr.
Dent is no reformer, he is honest and I will vote for him. Sadly, many Dems will do the same.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your blog and thanks for the link. Knoll in my opinion is a joke and I have many stories related to a past marriage that validates my claim.

My ex and her family moved to Harrisburg from Pittsburgh when Knoll was elected as State Tres. Let's just say family visits when I was married were less than enjoyible when all I heard about was the nonsense that Knoll was up too.

I'm talking about her supporters hitting up prisons to make sure non processed convicts were able to get their votes in.

Anyhow, thanks again...
Site Admin "ThePennsylvaniaReport"