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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Curmudgeon Declared Winner in Blog Parody Contest

On Tuesday, I listed a poll so readers could decide a winner in the highly controversial Christmas Parody challenge issued by Madbatter. My entry was disqualified because it is seven months old. Madbatter's entry was not natural, but was alcoholically induced.

Last night, however, the King of the Blogosphere declared a winner, spurning popular sentiment. The winning entry wasn't even submitted until after Christmas. It's not among the six essays listed in my poll. But Madbatter is absolutely right. LVCurmudgeon's "O' Little Town of Bethlehem" is a hilarious, yet chilling, prophesy for post-casino Bethlehem.

Congrats to LVCurmudgeon for an outstanding Christmas parody. And Madbatter, your challenge was great fun over the holidays. Next year, you're both going down.


Mad batter said...

I think we should parody regularly. So in that spirit, I lay out the following parameters, and i will post this on my blog
On April First, We should have a competition to write the most incredible fake new story. The more believable it could be, the better.
On July 4th, the best parody of American history.
For October, write somnething that accents the spooky.
Finally, Christmas. I spread it out to keep it fresh, and give you something to look for. So Say I, the King!

bad matter said...

Hear ye, hear ye! His Highness hath spoken! God save the King! I say go for it, Ye King, Ye!

Bernie O'Hare said...

I like this. Keeps it fun. Only one problem. All of my "news stories" are fakes already.

Mad batter said...

Just write new ones you have a "NOSE" for fake news!