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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Glenn Reibman & the Falun Gong

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingMad Batter, self-proclaimed King of the Blogosphere, has had the gall to challenge fellow bloggers to "write humorous parodies and try to make the rest of us laugh for Christmas." His own pathetic entry about Jesus running for President, is obviously the result of drugs. A grade school essay could beat that. But not Chris Casey. He dropped a turd about Santa Claus not coming to Republicans' homes this Christmas. Naked Lehigh County Blogger, with her report about an ATF Raid on the North Pole, beats them both. She's definitely in the lead.

Until now.

I actually have two entries. I'm posting the first now, and will post another tomorrow.

I get two shots because my first entry is not technically a parody. It concerns former Northampton County Exec Glenn Reibman, and it's actually true!

Last year, employees were going on their third year without a contract. Taxes had increased seventy percent in just two years. One top aide spent time in federal prison for bribery, and another resigned in disgrace when it was learned he was arranging wife-swapping adventures on county time. Employees were becoming ill from all the dust and fiberglass particles coming from the construction of a new courthouse, and project management was delegated to the judges.

So what the hell was Glenn Reibman doing?

Are you sure you want to know?

Whereas, Falun Dafa (also known as Falun Gong) is an advanced exercise and meditation practice system of mind and body based on ancient wisdom; and

Whereas, Falun Dafa was introduced to the public in 1992. Falun Dafa is taught free of charge and is practiced in over sixty countries by about 100 million people in Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, North America and South America; and

Whereas, Falun Dafa has helped people around the world improve their health, calm their minds, uplift their spirits, and deepen their understanding of life and humanity. It has also inspired people from all walk of life to turn away from drugs, alcohol, violence, and other harmful habits toward a more harmonious life; and

Whereas, people are learning the practice and purifying their heats, energizing their bodies, and breaking old addictions and bad habits. Their families are living more in peace, and communities are embracing virtue; and

Whereas, since its introduction in Northampton County in 2002, practitioners have continued sharing Falun Dafa's gentle exercises and teachings of truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance.

Now, Therefore, Be It Resolved, that I, Glenn F. Reibman, County Executive of the County of Northampton, on behalf of the residents of Northampton County, do hereby proclaim the week of

June 6, 2005 - June 12, 2005

Northampton County Falun Dafa Week

In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the County of Northampton to be affixed this 6th day of June, 2005.

Glenn F. Reibman
County Executive
Northampton County

Truth is always stranger than fiction.


LSTresidentPIA said...

Well, he had to deal with the stress from running the county into the ground somehow...might as well do it on the public's time and dime.

Anonymous said...

Is this for frickin' real?!?! If it is, looks like Reibman failed miserably as a student of Falun Gong.

Bernie O'Hare said...

To anon 5:06, This IS for frickin' real. And Reibman didn't too too basdly. he's collecting a pension from his teaching job in Jersey, a pension from the county and a nice salary from the Del River Jt Toll Bridge Comm'n.

Anonymous said...

The fruits of his corruption aren't in keeping with Falun Gong, other eastern belief systems, Christianity or any religion.

What I meant was that Reibman failed miserably as a practicioner of his proclamation.

I thought he was kind of weaselly. There was a pol from the south this past election season who drew national attention in a negative way who looked a helluva lot like Reibman...kinda slight & slick...anybody recall the guy? Maybe a congressman or a senator from Virginia?

Anonymous said...

This doesn't surprise me. I've been following the Reibman nepotism for about 3 years and have found that not one of them has ever earned a "public service" job his/her own merit or diligence. A very peculiar bunch they are. Cut and paste this link to see Edward Daniel Reibman judge responded to a fellow berks county judge inquiring of impropriety in lehigh county.


Reibman = Nepotism=Corruption=Incompetence=impropriety

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Vote NO to retain Reibman in November.