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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Rob Wonderling: It's "hard work" being a state senator

When GW debated Kerry, he made eleven references to the "hard work" he's doing in the oval office. He's not alone. State Senator Rob Wonderling today released his own report on the state Republican website detailing all the "hard work" accomplished last year. Gee, they must be tired! He's happy about a law making it more difficult for injured persons to collect damages, but is disappointed the measure was vetoed. He claims we now have property tax reform while promising that we're going to have even more property tax reform. He also takes credit for legislation that never passed. Not a word about reforming his own house. Republican leader Sam Smith has already said he doesn't "want reform simply for reform's sake." Meanwhile, House Speaker John Perzel refuses to answer questions about legislators' expense accounts.

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