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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Northampton County Signs Climate Protection agreement But Stops Recycling

On October 16, 2006, the county execs for Lehigh and Northampton County, Don Cunningham and John Stoffa, signed a climate protection control agreement to reduce global warming. Pretty impressive stuff, huh? But will they follow through?

Almost immediately after signing this agreement, Lehigh County purchased its first hybrid vehicle. And Northampton County? It has stopped recycling.

That's right, bippy. Although the ink is barely dry on a climate protection agreement that calls for increasing the recycling rates in county operations as well as the community, Northampton County officials have recently instructed row officers to just mix recyclables with other trash.

Adult probation was sending people on community service or work release to county offices for recyclables, but unilaterally stopped when some suspected these trustees were removing more than white paper and empty cans. I'm not sure whether adult probation, which reports to the judges, bothered even to tell the executive branch.

This latest incident is just the most recent example of a judicial branch that simply has too many executive responsibilities. And now it is simply defying an executive branch that is trying, in a small way, to curb global warming.

It's only our planet.


Anonymous said...

How sad. If NC can't even administer a recycling program (it doesn't get any more basic "Environmental 101" than recycling), how the hell can it engage in far more complex environmental protection programming like climate control?

Bernie O'Hare said...

A few employees who told me about this yesterday also told me they'd be willing to do it themselves and pick up some spare change. Who knows? They might not need food stamps.

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight. When it became apparent that the Adult probation people were stealing, instead of getting other people to haul the recycling away, or put another system in place, they simply ended the recycling program altogether?

LSTresidentPIA said...

This doesn't surpise me at all. It was just made known at a LST council metting that the Saucon Valley School District depsite an ordinance in the township also does not recycle. Yet they don't get cited...

Bernie O'Hare said...

LST, This simply amazes me. 1) This is not hard to do and 2) It really does curb global warming. In the county's case, this miscue is hopefully temporary. I'd sure like to hear from someone in LST about this.


I fought the city council here in easton on recycling. David Hopkins had proposed weekly pick up instead of bi-weekly. Keep in Mind the city passed a law to give all commericial properties the boot from city trash pick up.

Allegedly they were saving a ton cutting all bussiness and Apartments with 7 or more units out.

So what did out city council do? The stayed with bi-weekly recycling claiming the extra $200,000.00 a year was not worth it.

Do the math what that will cost us in 50 years! Pennywise dollar stupid. It will cost all of us for being so damned frugal down the road. But Carole Heffley saved the city money now. Talk about a Faux Liberal Tree hugger!

She is Miss Motherearth unless she has to spend more money!

But the "Liberal" crowd who backed her last time can PAT THEMSELVES ON THE BACK for a great job, at being clueless swine!!!