Thursday, March 29, 2012

Why Geeting Trashed RenewLV's New Exec Director

Blogger and George Soros employee Jonathan Geeting recently posted a little ditty about RenewLV, a faux grass roots groups that's really just another creature of the Lehigh Valley Partnership, a group of unelected aristocrats who think they call the shots. He was particularly critical of its new Executive Director, Pam Colton.

In a comment, he explains why. I applied for that job, and I’m still interested in it."

Amazingly cheeky.


Doc Rock said...

Let's see - here you have a 20-something, far left blogger with the attention span of a canary who believes he's qualified to be an "executive director?"

Mr. Geeting should demonstrate he's actually capable of running something first. Manning the french fry cooker at a McDonald's would be a good start.

Bernie O'Hare said...

At least it would be French.

Anonymous said...

Several local bath houses are looking for towel boys. It's a long commute from Brooklyn, but ....

Anonymous said...

interesting fan club this boy has built.

Jon Geeting said...

What, do you think they're doing a good job? Look how much things have fallen off since Steven Bliss left. I see no momentum behind any of the causes they're trying to advance. Totally wasting their time out in the Slate Belt.

Anonymous said...

Actully, I always wondered what the function of this group was.

Anonymous said...

The group was too confined to City projects and lost credibility as a Regional non-profit.

Anonymous said...

Give Geeting a break. I always wanted to play second base for the Yankees. I've trashed every one of their dream stealers since Horace Clark. And Robinson Cano ain't all that.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing that What-Am-I-Gettings-From-Big-Government cannot do better than ANYONE.

He told me so therefore it must be true.

It's the Hopey Changey thing that gives weight with respect to credibility.


Anonymous said...

His core point though is correct. RenewLV has virtually disappeared since Bliss left.

Anonymous said...

Between RenewLV and Geeting you guys are so totally are totally fighting over me aren't you?

Yours in appreciation,


Bernie O'Hare said...

His core point is that he, and only he, is capable of doing anything. That kind of hubris, which often comes with youth,might explain why the RenewLV board said thanks, but no thanks. Another point he misses is that, as Exec Director, he would not be setting policy. He'd be executing it.

As for the problems at RenewLV, its biggest accomplishment is those brown bag luncheons. I'd loke to see more of those.

Anonymous said...

True on both points.

But on your point, if their biggest accomplishment is brown bag lunches... and the organization has 2 paid employees, a board of 12 people and a leadership council of 50+... and the people involved on he board and council are movers/shakers in the Lehigh Valley... and that's their greatest achievement?

Looks like failure to me.

Bernie O'Hare said...

As far as I'm concerned, that was their biggest accomplishment. I don't fund them. As a supposed grass roots group, they are a failure bc they they never really were a grass roots group, but a charade being propped up by the local aristocracy.

Anonymous said...

We agree then - they failed. I did think Steve Bliss did a great job.

Anonymous said...

Top Ten Renew LV Accomplishments


Anonymous said...

Renew LV is just another Business Partnership Trojan Horse. You baggers keep going on about big government and liberal this and that but this is more Republican money grab.

This is your economic movers and shakers at work trying to convince people why you should fund their pipe dreams.

Anonymous said...

Funding pipe dreams is a Democrat deal, Anon 2:33.

I refer you to Chairman Pawlowski's $ 160.0 million dollar Palace of Sport.

What is a "bagger", Anon 2:33?

That would not be some sort of homosexual slur, would it?


Anonymous said...

And don't give me no bunk about the RINO Browne, Anon 2:33.

Talk to me about the all-Democrat Rubber Stamp Council of Apparatchiks.

You wanted to pick a fight --- you got one!


Anonymous said...

Holier Than Thou Progressive Liberal Democrats are just so cool.

That is why OBAMACARE is skating right through the Supreme Court.

Remember, if you like you health care coverage --- you can keep it.

Obama, Nancy Pelosi and all the rest of the loyalist Democrats said so!


Anonymous said...

RenewLV pretty much slowed down after Rail became a longer term goal. Without a State or Federal Transportation funding bill, proper Highway reconstruction and any chance of rail is compromised.

RenewLV study on water regionalization was more political than anything (a proposed take over on non-member by members). I heard there were some changes to the draft report.

Anyone know how much they are getting from LVEDC $3.4M HUD grant and how they intend to use it? Lets hope it is not another attempt at political biased regionalization.

Anonymous said...

What is a "Bagger"?

Is that like that Sandra Fluke lady who says she needs $ 3,000 dollars worth of contraception or abortion services or sex change operations or whatever the hell she thinks she needs all at Taxpayer expense?


Anonymous said...

"how they intend to use it?"

Ice hockey tickets to the magnificent Palace of Sport for all the Democrats' invaluable campaign contributors.

Would definitely NOT be shocked.

Would YOU?