Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pa. Presidential Primary Actually Matters ... Or Does it?

For the first time since 1980 (Reagan v. Bush I), Pennsylvania's GOP Presidential Primary actually means something, according to the Inky. No less an authority than the New York Times itself, is claiming that Pa. is once again a playa'.

But look at the choices? Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul are effectively out, leaving Pa. Republicans with a choice between bedroom cop Rick Santorum and ascot-wearin' Mitt Romney.

Do either of these guys represent Pennsylvania values? With this kind of choice, this race is over.


Anonymous said...


Presdient Obama has done such a great job.

The country is just so unified and all together and stuff.

Bernie O'Hare said...

No, I'd say Obama has done a mediocre job. ut look at the choices. Can you honestly say either one of these guys is better? Seriously.

Jon Geeting said...

Ha, were there ever any good choices? This thing was a clown show from the beginning. The only candidates mentioned for 2012 and 2016 who weren't completely insane have zero support from actual rank-and-file Republican voters.

Anonymous said...

Theocracy....AND NO PORN .....nope

Hypocrisy....I guess our trees are the right height.....nope

much to everyones chagrin


too bad for YOU, however, it will be fun reading all your inane comments for another 4 years.

IMHO you have yourselves too blame by creating a right wing lunatic party...driving daily diatribes about Muslim, Socialist, Kenyan Birth Certificates, Take Our America back, Flag pins...the list goes on and on.....the SANE people (Independents) have become wary of your true intent

Bernie O'Hare said...

That's not accurate. There were some good R names mentioned, like Chris Chrsitie. There were one or two good candidates, like Jon Hutsman. But God, what is left should be an embarrassment. Obama has been a major disappointment to me. Instead of bringing people together, we are more divided now than ever, mostly bc of his willingness to push a partisan agenda with an unwilling public. But the R choices appear to be worse. In Santorum's case, much worse.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Huntsman, not Hutsman.

Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo!

Four more years of Obama.

Maybe Gitmo can get closed THIS time ...

... but I have come to learn to not expect too much from Obama or his promises.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to four more years of Michelle Obama's vacationing!

Go Team Obama.

(very far, far away)

Anonymous said...

I think Chris Christie is proving himself unelectable for the office of president. The more he opens his mouth the more offensive he shows himself to be, we don't need that when dealing with the nutcases around the world. (sorry warmongers) sometimes diplomacy is a better way. As folksie, charming (like the Sopranos), cute and irrepressible as he is, people realize we don't need a hothead or a heart attack waiting to happen in the Oval Office. The longer he waits to run more of the "shine" will wear off this turd.
I agree with you that Huntsman was viable he is not in the race, and that proves my point, that the right wants bombastic lunatics to run not sane leadership. If I were to guess I think Jeb Bush might actually be a good candidate in 2016. With Rubio as VP, the Latinos will gravitate towards that ticket , Bush is married to a Latino. And I heard he is the "smart" one. However, all bets are off if the right doesn't "right" itself until the 2016 elections.

Anonymous said...


your comments are the reason your party will lose in November....keep up the funny commentary can get a headstart on losing 2016 as well.

Anonymous said...

The sin in all of this is the money being spent... for what?

Anonymous said...

Represent PA values? He hates PA for clinging to guns and God. He's the most divisive president in memory. His values accept money from jerk comedians who call female politicians fucking cunts and whores and slutty. He's Jimmy Carter, but without class. Polls of likely voters (not irrelevant registered voters) show any R beating the golfer in chief. A billion dollars in campaigning won't fix what Obama can't: his shitty record.

Anonymous said...

It is such a crying shame that the republicans didn't field a better set of candidates. They had a golden opportunity to beat an unpopular Obama....even the Democrats don't really like him.

But a guy like Christie may be popular in the Northeast, and I think he could even win a general election, but he could never get through a republican primary, certainly in states like South Carolina and Kansas and Arizona.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:01 a comedian who calls a female a slut is much worse than a radio commentator who calls a lobbyist a slut, right?

That was a dumb thing to say about the money. You take Bill Maher's money as a Democrat just like you take people's money and endorsements as a republican.

Until it changes, that's the system.

You can criticize Obama on a lot of things, but accepting contributions from Bill Maher isn't really one that resonates.

By the way, no poll anywhere shows Rick "the censor" Santorum beating Obama.

I also don't think Obama is any more divisive than, say, Ronald Reagan or JFK or Bill Clinton or George W. Bush. Politics is always divisive at that level.

There's a lot to criticize Obama for. It's silly to hang your hat on who he accepts money from when Rush Limbaugh says the same things that Bill Maher does, almost exactly.

Anonymous said...

Over as in Lehigh Valley Ramblings is endorsing Mitt Romney for President?

Anonymous said...

Ha, were there ever any good choices? This thing was a clown show from the beginning. The only candidates mentioned for 2012 and 2016 who weren't completely insane have zero support from actual rank-and-file Republican voters.

I said it from the beginning that Jon Huntsman was the one who could actually challenge Obama and yet the Repubs ignored him. And he was a real conservative too.

Anonymous said...

What is frightning is that in a country of 300 million, the options are a pathetic lying socialist/racist like Obama versus a couple of light weight idealogical blowhards.

Our country deserves a lot more than this. It really is time to amend the constitution to give the president a single six year term. The reelection process wastes so much. For example, we know the XL pipieline will be approved, but has too wait till after the election so the greens aren't upset.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:43,

Obviously, you look forward to four more years of 0-bama's outrageous spending sprees.

Good for you, you are probably deserving of a cookie or something.

I could care less about the 2016 elections ... with any luck, I will no longer be residing in this joke of a country anymore by then.

Good luck to you, you just might more than some of that stuff one of these days.


Anon 11:39

Bernie O'Hare said...

12:22, You're not supposed to be posting here.

Anonymous said...

Until 0-bama publically lectures Bill Maher and gives back Maher's money, 0-bama is nothing more than a long-winded HYPOCRITE.

I hope Malia or whatever the hell her name is is enjoying her expensive trip to Mexico with all that Secret Service escort staff.

Anonymous said...

Retired ASD teacher here.

I'm hopeful it comes down to how much people value:

protections afforded by the United States Constitution.

limited government.

smaller national deficit.

state sovereignty.

the strongest military in the world.

fiscal responsibility.

more secure borders.

independence from foreign oil.

full usage of American natural resources.

a strong U.S. dollar.

government transparency.

I'd be happy with almost anyone but Obama. In Pennsylvania, I'll be voting for Rick Santorum.

(have a ball, readers)

Anonymous said...

Dear Pensioned retired ASD teacher


Anonymous said...

hey 12:40

don't let the door hit you on the way out

Anonymous said...

O'Hares solution is before Obama does anything he should ask Charlie Dent how he feels. Of course Dent will need to be told how he thinks.
But if Dent and Obama agree then Bernie will say Obama is doing a great job.

I agree with the new conservative party idea. No girls(unless pregnant), no gays, no muslims, jews, etc., no darkies, err I mean illegals. If anyone can think of anything else I think we can get a platform up and running in a few weeks.

Solomon Burke

Anonymous said...

Hey all you, I hate Obama care folks, I have a serious question for you.

If government involvement and taking away tax exempt status from major Hospitals and Health Insurance companies cause them to lose money and have to raise questions. That is diverting money from health services and please, please don't say it is to advertise. Blue cross and Leigh Valley need to advertise in the Leigh Valley, Hahaha.

How can they afford to be the major sponsor of the Iron Pigs and the new Phantoms sports palace.

I mean that is not chump change just to have your name plastered all over, prime club box seats and all the tickets and freebies you can eat and carry.

Whats the dealio???

RS said...

I love how Obama is to blame for the polarizing of America. Remember back when many R leaders came out and said that their primary mission was to defeat Obama in 2012? Not jobs, not security, not rights, just defeat Obama. Tough to build bipartisanship with a group that has that focus.
I am privileged that while only living in PA for a short while, I get to vote against Santorum twice. He's an excellent example of an R who campaigns for freedom . . . of the government to control your life according to his personal and religious views regardless of what the constituition says.

Anonymous said...

Obamacare robbed $3 billion from Medicare and his retarded sheep are left to defend this unpopular scheme that's already had its price doubled by the CBO.

Rs don't have much. But they won't need much to defeat this heap of shit. Money is a huge issue and Rs are going to out-raise Ds. Which is why Obama can't decline Maher's money, despite the cunt, whore, and slut comments.

Elect anyone who can fog a mirror who is not Barrack Obama, because It's Mourning in America.

Anonymous said...


This guy makes Jimmy Carter look like a real President.

Anonymous said...

Steady job growth after inheriting a disaster
Iraq withdrawal
Osama dead
Auto industry saved
Consumer protection bill passed
Health Care

Bernie, Mediocre ?

Considering the disadvantage he has with the way the filibuster has been used he has done well.
And mediocre compared to which President with which accomplishments?

Anonymous said...

Yeah but he is a muslim, kenyan cannibal. so there is that going against him.

Oh, I heard from one of the baggers Obama only killed Bin Laden as cover for his worldwide terrorist campaign run form the white House. he also wears a nehru jacket and strokes the back of a Persian cat at night.
he evil, man just evil

Anonymous said...

he's not evil. that's the caricature fleabaggers want to believe of their political opponents. just like the perception of fleabaggers as lazy dirt bags who've raised coveting to an art form. obama's just a complete failure of a president like jimmy carter - but without an ounce of carter's class.

Lighthouse said...

I agree with Bernie on the point of Obama being a bit disappointing....perhaps for different reasons, but that is another time.

Re comments above, the most recent issue of Time had a 2 page article on the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act. It basically says the same things I read over a year ago, and that the Heritage Foundation, Speaker Gingrich, and Governor Romney all said--that mandating health care will lower costs in the long run--at least until all those Republicans and "severely conservative"s had to all oppose it for political reasons.

That fact alone--for poltical reasons, not what they themselves acknowledged as good policy--says a lot. In the end, we have to wait for the Court before getting any more heartburn over it.

As for those fascinated by presidential holidays, that issue has always been fodder for opponents of both parties. Remember Bush I being criticized for vacations in Maine, and his cool cigarette boat? Or Bush II spending about a third of his presidency on "vacation"?

Anonymous said...

I know the teabaggers play the "hes just bad card", while screaming he is a muslim, kenyen, socialist terrorist. Oh yeah, you guys still carry around those Zulu witch doctor pictures. You know the ones with the bone in the nose.

Yeah, you are real smart and objective.

Anonymous said...

Husssein can't hide from his past!!

Anonymous said...

I am definitely voting for President Obama again!

(two or three times if I have to, just like in 2008, Yo!)