Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ott: Repeal Term Limits & Appointed Row Office Ballot Questions

Scott Ott

In a news release yesterday, Lehigh County Commissioner Scott Ott stated the Board would consider repealing referendum questions approved by the Board last year. One wold place term limits on Commissioners while increasing the term limit currently in place for the Executive. The second would have the Courts appoint row officers instead of having them stand for election.

County Executive Don Cunningham refused to sign that legislation, mostly because he felt he should stay out of a matter that directly affects him.

According to Ott, "Appointed row officers would reduce accountability for our public servants at a time when people rightfully demand greater accountability."

Ott, who's sponsoring the repeal bills along with at least four other commissioners, pointed to another problem. Each referendum would really deal with two questions, but voters would only have opportunity to provide one answer on each.

"Poorly-formed legislation leads to ballot confusing questions, and to bad policy," Ott said. "In this case, it's even worse, because these flawed questions would alter the Home Rule Charter, an error that is quite difficult to correct."

Last night was the first reading of this repeal measures. I should point out I was at a Bethlehem Zonng Hearing Board meeting, and am relying on news releases and a few phone calls.


Anonymous said...

Good for Scott Ott. The former guys on commission gave Donny C a gift of a third term. That is bs and Scott knows it.

Repeal the referendum until it can be better researched and an incumbent Executive isn't in office to grab another four years.

Donny needs a job and thought he had this sewed up.

Bravo to Scott Ott and all who will support this measure to stop a career politician from slipping in for another term.

Time is up for Donny.

Anonymous said...

"Donny needs a job and thought he had this sewed up."

I am amazed that you have enough brain capacity left to operate even your involuntary muscle functions.

Mark Baker said...

all pols should have term limits. that way they can only be money grabbing crooks for a short time.

Anonymous said...

Cunningham was never going to run for a 3rd term with this proposal in place. He knows he can't win county-wide right now.

That said, the term limits should be in place for commissioners. Me thinks Ott is simply looking for a way to stay in office as long as he wants. Another Percy Daughtery to me.

Anonymous said...

Term limits are needed for all political jobs. No one is so valuable as to assume a lifetime position is warrented.

The longer you are there the more indebted you are to special interests (unions, businesses, lawyers, etc.). This isn't North Korea or Cuba with dynasties.

Anonymous said...

Cunningham has every intention of going for a third term if possible. Scott knows this and is short circuiting this political power grab. Good for him. let Donny go run for Bethlehem Mayor.

Anonymous said...

10:29 -

Do you really think term limits are needed at the commissioner level? In LC, 5 are new and only one would be affected if the term limit proposal had passed.

It would seem that the voters are doing a pretty good job of term-limiting commissioners already.

Anonymous said...

Just political crap from the commissioners...Hopefully they cant get the sixth vote and Cunningham vetoes this pathetic attempt of theirs to stay in office forever...Ott never had a real job..he can't afford to lose this one..

Anonymous said...

Will Cunningham publicly state that he will not seek a third term?

I tend to doubt it.

If he does I will agree that Scott not pursue the repeal.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:38, You caught them at their own game. Old Mr. Kane isn't going to answer that one.