Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Thode: New LV Covid Slightly Below Last Week

Steve Thode has been faithfully following and reporting on the Covid-19 data since the pandemic's inception. Here's his latest:

As of Monday, December 20, Lehigh/NorCo have reported a total of 3,859 new COVID cases the past seven days.

The record peak for 7-day cases occurred last Thursday when Lehigh/Norco reported a total of 4,573 new cases.

Here's how things have gone for the month of December:


Anonymous said...

I wonder if/when "At Home Tests" are widely available/distributed how these #s will be effected...

I do know that over the past 2 weeks I've known more people with COVID than at any point since this whole mess started. Mercifully none are hospitalized, so I am guessing they're the latest variant...

Anonymous said...

Seems so eerily similar to exactly one year ago. It ain't the flu. But its seasonal cycles seem similar - i.e. colder drier air and more indoors living.

Anonymous said...

Like a tide it will ebb and flow. It will come to another high after this next holiday burst.

Anonymous said...

At this point if you are not vaccinated, fuck off and die on the side of the road!

Anonymous said...

I certainly would not presume to quarrel with the esteemed Professor Thode. I have looked at the data myself as well, and he is indeed quite correct.

My question in general, however, is what it *means*.

I have yet to see government or any news outlet break down cases on a clinical / demographic basis. This is of the utmost importance in understanding the threat. More importantly, the case count is never mapped against actual morbidity and mortality.

So, if, hypothetically, the bulk of the cases result in hospitalization or death, that's a very new and disturbing development.

If most mortality and significant morbidity is among the elderly with multiple pre-existing comorbidities, that, however unfortunate, is nothing new -- for COVID or most other infectious diseases. It *does*, I believe, indicate a failing in deploying proper prophylactic protocols to protect the at risk -- much like we provide for chemo patients who can die of the common cold.

If, on the other hand, cases among healthy working age people are asymptomatic or a minor bout of flu-like symptoms, and mortality is a tiny percentage of that population, that's very consistent with what we've seen to date.

Simply counting undifferentiated cases gives us no insight whatsoever as to the nature of the threat, how it might be changing, or the proper means to combat it.

Anonymous said...

"unvaccinated and had previously been infected with the coronavirus" , DEAD!

peterjcochran said...

I posted stuff here last year about gatherings .I had Chemical Training in U.SArmy I was once the chemical officer for a major PA.Army National Guard unit at higher unit . The contamination proceedure is the same as a high end hospital unit. If your party of your family are in the house , open the windows from the top and turn -=The heat up. People are going to get infected by relatives in same room shorty . I said this last year. Eat dinner and don’t talk directly to each other. Not every member will have been vaccinated and thats,a that’s a given. What I was trained to do and what’s happening now are exactly the same.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"At this point if you are not vaccinated, fuck off and die on the side of the road!"

The greatest sin you can commit is to wish for harm on another person.

Last week, I spoke with a very health conscious unvaccinated county employee. His brother got the J&J, developed clots and died. I would never order him to get a vaccine. I know what happened to his brother is extremely rare. But he has both a rational and emotional reason to hesitate. I would only insist on it for medical professionals.

Anonymous said...

Bernie. Why do you choose to not print some but print things like this?

Anonymous said...

While your main point remains
"Researchers have also seen a strong association between blood clots and COVID-19 infection itself, says Hyung Chun, MD, a Yale Medicine cardiologist. “Unfortunately, in those who are sick enough with COVID-19 to be in the intensive care unit [ICU], blood clots have been a major factor in their illness,” Dr. Chun says. Close to 20% of COVID-19 patients in the ICU develop blood clots, he says."