Friday, July 16, 2021

The Four Horsemen of Basketball

It was a pleasure to see these guys play at Catasauqua Park last night. From left to right, it’s Aiden Ellwood, Dat Lambert, Jay Vaughan and Zach Sabol. Dat, Jay and Zach played together for the Blue Chips AAU team in 8th grade. Aiden played with Dat and Jay at ACCHS for one year before going back to Northampton, where he excelled.

These days, Aiden and Dat play together on DeSales men’s basketball team, Jay Vaughan is still the Barishnikov of basketball and now plays for Lafayette’s hoops’ squad. You can find Zach, a former Emmaus standout, under the boards at East Stroudsburg.

It was wonderful to see them together in a team that Aiden put together himself.

The Angel of Death, who mistakenly thinks he's a Hearts player, joined me in the stands.

They lost. Unfortunately, it's my fault. I forced my grandson Dat to ride with me on Wednesday with a defective bike. The chain jammed and he went for a loop, losing the skin on one of his palms. That pretty much took him out of the picture as an offensive threat,.

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Anonymous said...

If more people played basketball,our world would be more tranquil today