Tuesday, July 06, 2021

Outgoing Mail Being Stolen in Hanover Tp

From Hanover Tp (NC) - The Colonial Regional Police Department has taken numerous reports today of outgoing mail being "stolen" from mailboxes. It is happening all over the Township.

The vehicle involved is an Infinity - G35 (unknown year) sedan; gun metal in color; white female driver, & a white male passenger.

If the vehicle is observed; please immediately contact the police by dialing 911.

Do not approach, but try to obtain a license plate.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Off target but another possible ripoff involving Bethlehem Twp & the Wildlands Conservatory.
Tonight's board agenda regarding a re-seeding of an area by the twp community center has the twp engineer Pidcock Co, writing a spec by the Secretary of the Wildlands Ron Gawlick? If Wildlands is receiving monies for this project, how can the twp engineer who is employed by Pidcock and sitting on the board of the Wildlands, be involved? Is this legal?

Anon whistleblower

Anonymous said...

Maybe he'll see to delivering it faster than USPS...