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Friday, May 31, 2019

November's Election To Include Judicial Retention Elections

As many of you know, I serve as an appointed election judge in Northampton County. Though turnout was low in the municipal primary,  I was very impressed by those who voted. Many of them really make an effort to inform themselves before they cast a ballot, but they told me they had a difficult time doing so this year. Many of them no longer subscribe to a daily paper because they do a lousy job covering local government. They have stories about every time Donald Trump farts, but do a poor job telling people what is happening in their own back yard. Many appreciated the League of Women's Voter Guide, which we make available. I decided to do a voter guide of my own for November's election, and would appreciate your suggestions on what information I should seek from the candidates.

Here's what I'm thinking. For each candidate in a contested race, I will seek the following: 1) link to webpage, Facebook page and twitter account; 2) residence (not specific); 3) family; 4) educational background; 5) occupation(s); 6) criminal record; 7) judgments; and 8) responses to questions about a few issues relevant to the office being sought. I will also list the salary and benefits.

I will also prepare background information for the judicial retention races. Many complain that so little is known about judges seeking retention. I will try to inform you as best I can.

If there are local races you'd like to see covered, please list in a comment and explain why. For now, these races are a given.

Superior Court (two seats): Democrats Daniel D McCaffery and Amanda Green-Hawkins v. Republicans Christylee Peck and Megan McCarthy King

Superior Court Retention Election: Judges Anne Lazarus and Judith F Olson

Commonwealth Court Retention Election: Judges Kevin Brobson and Patricia McCullough

Northampton County Retention Election: Judges Kimberly J McFadden Michael J. Koury, Jr.and Craig A. Dally

NorCo District Attorney: Democrat Terry Houck v. Republican Tom Carroll

NorCo Controller: Democrat Tony Bassil v. Republican Hayden Phillips

NorCo Council District 2: Democrat Kerry Myers v. Republican Andrew Oliveira

NorCo Council District 3: Democrat Luke Verdes v. Republican John Cusick (inc.)

NorCo Council District 4: Democrat Dan Engle v. Republican Tom Giovanni.

Easton Mayor: Democrat Sal Panto (inc.) v. Republican Tim Reilly

Lehigh County District Attorney: Republican Jim Martin (inc.) v. Democrat Jim Moreno

Lehigh County County Controller: Republican Glenn Eckhart (inc.) v. Democrat Mark Pinsley

Lehigh County Comm'r at-large (four seats): Democrats Dan Hartzell (inc), Bob Elbich, Dave Harrington and Zakiya Smalls v. Republicans Brad Osborne (inc), Marty Nothstein (inc.), Antonio Pineda and Mathias Matt Green.

Allentown Mayor: Democrat Ray O'Connell (inc.) v. Republican Tim Ramos

Allentown City Council (three seats): Democrats Candida Affa (inc), Josh Siegel and Ce-Ce Gerlach v. Republican Joe Hoffman


Anonymous said...

I think you have the Superior Court Republican side wrong. I believe it is Peck not Warren.

Anonymous said...

This blog has really helped me as a new resident of the county. Sad that the job of reporting news has been neglected to such an extreme extent but I'm glad (and 100% not surprised) that the citizenry is doing a better job than even the Morning Call.

Good job Bernie!

Bernie O'Hare said...

3:26, Thanks for pointing out my error. I fixed it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing this. Needed and appreciated.

Carl said...

Would some sort of a question of fiscal responsibility be out of line? i.e. How do they feel about hard hat golden shovel first scoop of dirt events or renaming a park with a new sign when the old sign still had some life left. Or simply looking for more efficient ways of running the business of government.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Carl, the questions I pose will be specific to each candidate, not general.

Anonymous said...

lots of old familiar names on the bench. Time to step aside and let a younger, more in touch, generation have a shot.