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Thursday, May 16, 2019

NorCo Gets Clean and Unqualified Audit

Under Northampton County's Home Rule Charter, an independent certified public accountant must audit the County's finances every year. Nick Hoefel and Jill Gilbert of RKL presented their findings to County Council yesterday. The county is in good health financially, with only one minor problem.

When the County disbanded the Gaming Authority, a little under $60,000 was transferred to county coffers. This money is there to monitor compliance with outstanding grants.

Hoefel provided a clean and unqualified opinion during a lengthy presentation at which I fell asleep.

"I live for this stuff," Fiscal Affairs Director Steve Barron told me. At night, he reads the county's latest financial statements to his daughters as bed-time stories.


Anonymous said...

Since Allentowns indicted mayor is now in camp fed his calculating miscalculators have infected Northampton county for yet one of many Madoff disappearing money acts. There will be astronomical grant monies paid destined like to the down south coal miners that one got a toco serving job after all was spent down to Zero?

Anonymous said...

These miscalculators must and will at all costs cover for the Lehigh valley's notorious law firm and it's criminal flip flopping cohorts under cover under colour creating there OWN laws as time travel variables are also miscalculated by state representational tools!