Wednesday, April 03, 2019

NorCo Awarded $225k Streetscape Improvement Grant

Northampton County Executive Lamont McClure announced yesterday that the County has been awarded a $225,000 streetscape improvement grant for improvements at the courthouse campus. The money is coming from the Commonwealth Financing Authority.

Why does this matter?

If you work at the courthouse or are a regular visitor, you should know. There are numerous pedestrian safety concerns at a crosswalk from the courthouse to parking lots on the other side of busy Washington Street. I know of two people who were hit by cars while crossing.

Former Executive John Brown's solution was to get rid of it, and he even had it painted over. Everyone ignore him.

With the Milides building being demolished to increase parking space, there is a corresponding need to make sure everyone is safe. ADA compliant handicap ramps, decorative street lights and landscape improvements are planned as well.


Anonymous said...

McClure and company just keep doing good thing for this county, thank you

Anonymous said...

More "free money"!

But unlike the Archimedes screw that you wrote about earlier (which the MCall said in this morning's paper will actually cost $6M and not $3M), this isn't trying to compete with real investment capital.

Sounds like it might be a real public works project truly for the public good and not just a feel-good project.

Carl said...

I would not call it "free money". The Commonwealth is the Pa tax payer.

Anonymous said...

The county government is weird. Everything is put out by the county executive. Does the council do anything other than pass the budget. Why bother in both Lehigh and Northampton Counties their councils are useless. Might as well just get rid of them. Better off with commissioners.

Unknown said...

Sickening! Boasting when people that were hurt there. What a disgrace but shouldn't expecting anything less for McClure.